100 Foot Wave


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Mar 24, 2008
USA New Jersey
Just watched this last night! Interesting to see how much research Garret did before even attempting to ride this wave. Also it was very cool how the town supported him all the way (even it it was to gain winter tourism.)


Jun 1, 2021
Thoroughly enjoyable doc, though I had an initial gross-out seeing Zuckerberg's name in the opening credits as an executive producer. If he (and other celebs) wants to get into surfing that's fine, just do it anonymously. I don't want to hear about these rich f'ers in their quest to learn the sport, "surfing" with big name dudes out at spots they have no business being at. End of rant #1.

So Garrett, you obvoiusly have balls the size of coconuts and nothing but respect for your skill and journey, but on the judgement side of things...You clearly were aware of the wicked current at that beach after your shirtless, leashless escapade on the SUP. Why in god's name would you think it a good idea to take wifey out for a tow-in sesh there? She clearly had no business being out there. And then to hear his speech on "everybody listen to me, I am the one who knows, do what I say or you will die." Um, ok. If there is a stage above alpha, then he is it. I guess that's the culture of the tow-in types and I'll never get it. Yikes.

And about that wife...Looks like they got hitched when he was 45 and she was 25. I know most dudes would think that's rad, but I've always found that kind of thing pretty creepy. To each their own and I suppose I shouldn't judge. End of rant #2.

But that footage of the jet ski wipout. Fuuuuuu....dear god!

Can't wait for the next episode!


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May 20, 2016
Garret’s wife’s comments after the wave he towed her into her that destroyed her:

” I couldn’t breathe for, like three days. I really have PTSD. Like, just going out on small waves freaks me out. I love to breathe, and I just don’t want to be held underwater. I love breathing so much. People really take it for granted.”

Something about this ^^^ and what is going on in other aspects of the film so far have me raising an eyebrow at the exhalation of Mr McNamara.