10' Davenport 40-65 $325 SOLD


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Jan 16, 2007
Culver City, CA
I'm selling a well loved 10' Davenport 40-65 that I picked up from another Jammer. The board isn't pretty but is very functional and a great chance to try a Davenport at a fraction of the typical cost. I cleaned up a lot of the repairs when I picked it up. The big white/purple blob is an old delam repair. It isn't a pretty repair, but is functional and doesn't show any evidence of delam now. There is a little chip on the tail that needs to be patched and there is a spot on the bottom near the rail that probably could use a proper repair. I temporarily have covered it with some ding tape.

Sorry, but not going to remove the wax for the pictures on this one because if it doesn't get any interest, I'll be happy to keep using it.

Selling for $325.

Located in Culver City (Los Angeles). I will be driving to San Diego on Friday 10/1 if anyone down south is interested.

davenport deck.jpg davenport bottom.jpg rocker.jpg
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