10’6 Pavel Glider Sold


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Jul 19, 2020
San Diego
Rich makes amazing boards but is almost impossible to get a custom from nowadays….

I will let other jammers elaborate lol


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Nov 1, 2021
Ocean Beach
Pavel is currently taking orders at Coconut Peet's in San Diego, I put in a order with him for a 7' Speed dialer, long story short I ended up not going through due to lack of communication and clarity. I did find out that the 7' would end up costing 1600$ for what its worth.


Aug 10, 2021
San Diego & Santa Barbara
they were ~$2k when when he was working with Lovelace. As most will attest you are headed down a rocky road with Pavel. Finding one used is fantastic - customs are another story altogether - do you like stories? lol.
imho - Josh Hall, Michael Miller, Bob Mitsven, Larry Mabile even CChristenson will result in a much better outcomes.

Thanks, good info to have. And yes, I do love good stories!

When you say that JHall, MMiller, Mitsven, etc. will result in a much better outcome, do you mean the experience of dealing with the shaper? Or did you mean the performance of the board? Have you ridden Pavel gliders to be able to compare to Hall and Miller gliders? Curious to hear from someone who has.