1. P

    *PRICE DROP* 8-0 CJ Nelson Outlier

    CJ Nelson Outlier for Sale Condition is 9 out of 10 Fins not included. Dims: length 8' width: 22 1/2" thickness: 3 1/8" 775 OBO Cash or Venmo only.
  2. hullyahomie

    looking for a Paul Gross hull

    On the hunt for a Paul Gross hull. Need to get this before Openwaters gets a hold of one.... Any help would be appreciated.
  3. heavymetalshop

    Couple of CJ Nelson Boards | Venice, CA

    I have a couple of CJ boards for sale. Just making some room. These boards are incredible. 9’0 personal prototype - handshaped. Looking to get 800$ or so. from Ryan; “When we started experimenting with hull-inspired wide tail (evo era) and mixing them with conventional longboards. We found a...
  4. H

    FS 9' Furrow Cosmic Bandito Tri Plane Hull

    FS 9' Furrow Cosmic Bandito Tri Plane Hull $1100 with Liddle L Flex fin and bag Used twice, in the hunt for a log, ideally a Kris Hall.
  5. A

    SOLD Greg Liddle 7'8 1970s

    Greg Liddle Hull SOLD 7'8 x 21.5 x 3 Slightly pulled in template. Pinched rails all around with a beautiful tail and slight vee out the back. Fully redone and flushed out watertight ready to ride. Board number 1810 shaped by Greg. Fin is not included and is not a Greg Shaped fin.
  6. Chulofather

    WTD- 9.1 cooperfish speed hull for other cooper boards

    Hey y’all I’m lookin to trade my 9.1 cooperfish speed hull for another board by gene, open to anything really. I bought this board for 1500, it’s 1 of five speed hulls made at this size.. Dims are 9’1” x 24 3/4” x 3 3/4” lemme know Watcha got! Could be interested in other shapers boards if...
  7. Bolsa_Josh

    5’8 Andreini Edge board Trade

    S o l d
  8. slimgouda

    Backside Hull Blues

    Alas, I am a goofy footer in the land of epic righthand point breaks. I can limp my current board (8'0 Spence) going right just fine but when I find a good left it really comes alive, like night and day. Is this just the nature of the beast? User error? Looking for recommendations on a backside...
  9. slimgouda

    7'6" Zamora Hull Trade*

    Looking to shake up the quiver with a potential trade. Vaquero-esque outline with foiled out rails. Very fast and responsive. Super fun board in good shape with some light dimpling on the deck. The previous owner left it out in the sun, belly up which caused some puckering around the the...
  10. BigBoard

    FS - 6'10" Spence Hull New Death Machine SOLD

    Boards both located in Ventura, CA. Not gonna ship and local pickup only. No fins with boards. Wildcard is heavy blank. I'm guessing 8/6 deck and 8 bottom. One pro ding repair on rail see pictures and a few pressures on deck that happened during rail ding. Leash hole had been filled. Can drill...
  11. Planktom

    'MP' style stubbie hulls

    Anyone had much experience with the modern hulls from Hilbers, Andreini and Liddle that all doff their hat to MP? Andreini and Hilbers 'MP' models and Liddle's 'M3P' specifically? Does the addition of the side bites help things going backside and/or in beach break? Thanks in advance
  12. BrazilButtNut

    7'2 Stringerless Displacement Hull 200 bucks (Sold)

    (Edit: Sold, thanks guys) Hey All, 7'2 stringerless displacement hull shaped by a local shaper out of LA (possibly a jammer?). Board works great. Have tried it in a variety of conditions and fun all around. Has more medium/mild rails and a little more tail rocker. I've started going longer...
  13. BigBoard

    FS Paul Gross Designs 7'6" All Rounder SOLD

    I got it from Spence a few months back. Ridden several time. Perfect condition. Too much overlap with other boards I have. Info from original post 7'6" x 21 1/2" x 2 7/8" Designed by Paul Gross. Shaped by Spencer Kellogg. Glassing Schedule: 6 oz Volan bottom. 6 oz Volan deck with 4 oz Volan...
  14. BigBoard

    9'6" Liddle Pathfinder Sold

    Up for grabs is 9’6” Liddle Pathfinder Kirk Putnam made for himself for a trip to Australia that I got from JMAC last month. White pigment with GL flex fin. $1000. I surfed it once. Board as one pressure. Not my type of board. Same price I got from JMAC. Located in Ventura. Prefer local sales...
  15. slimgouda

    Gato Heroi Playboy?

    Just picked up gato playboy this weekend. Pretty wild sam variation with hips pulled back, super foiled rails, and little to no rocker. Anybody have experience / thoughts on this model? Had a fun jivy session this morning but definitely don't have it wired yet. Currently running a 9.5" PHD...
  16. waveglider619

    ACE Surfboards Post your Pics and Thoughts

    Couldn't find anything about him on JB and thought there should be. Ive heard that he helped shaped bonzers back in the day and his boards today look pretty forward thinking My 9'6 Reef Racer goes insane. Bought used in 08 and keep comming back to it. I can't get enough. Triple stringer, tail...
  17. BigBoard

    10'2" Spence Hull El Grande - sold

    Selling Spence Hull El Grande in perfect condition. Surfed lightly. Shaped in last 6 months. Great utility hull/glider that works in everything. Spence is shaping a thinner one as I weigh 165. Green weight US Blank. Double parallel stringer 3/16" inch (each). Double 6oz volan deck with single...
  18. mr_barbershop

    Liddle Burrito 7’6 shaped by Greg for sale

    In Jacksonville Florida selling my 7’6 Liddle Burrito shaped by Greg back in 2010. Great board. Usual pressures. Fins not included. Asking $800. Will trade for Andreini Vaquero 7’2-7’6.
  19. K

    8.11 Zen

    Sweet 8.11 Zen Surfboards Glider. Mild single to double concave. Ridden c. 5 times. Fast and smooth. Throw in Liddle flex fin. $550 w/ fin . $500 w/o. San Diego... Luke