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Arenal Anomaly

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From Arenal:

"Following the proven axiom: “keep it simple stupid,” I settled on a naturally flowing, continuous rocker (no flat zones) and a curvy plan-shape – no wings, bumps, or breaks in the outline. Of most importance, I wanted a wave catching beast, so a flatter entry rocker was essential. The single-fin, round pin-tail keeps the turns smooth, although a square-tail, or soft diamond provides for quicker direction changes. Rails are of the 70/30 variety, with hard down rails in the tail for drive and punch out of turns. The flat entry to spiral vee to flat off the tail provides the speed and fluidity desired for solid bottom turns, smooth cutbacks, and mindless trim; pure down-the-line surfing. The Anomaly is efficient in the smaller stuff, but when the surf picks up the board comes alive, as if saying, '…show me what you’ve got!'" - Arenal

Length: 8'4"

Wide Point: 21 3/4"

Thickness: 2 7/8"

Latest reviews

  • extremely versatile
  • extremely user friendly
  • surprising capabilities for a longer board
  • easy to pick up and shred
  • great shaper
  • Light blank (not necessarily a bad thing!)
I have had a couple sessions on my lady’s Arenal Anomaly that we picked up from a jammer a while back. Wanted to share a couple thoughts on this shape.

Even at 8’4 this goes better with a bit of a wave. Think 3ft+ or 2ft plus if pitchy. Goes better as wave size goes up. Not a longboard killer type of board at this size vs some other options (the ones with wider tails).

When you give it a wave, holy moly this thing is fun. You can really drive it off the bottom and surf it hard. It rewards you. Off the lip floaters are super fun. Really fun running down the line. Turns feel super controlled and fluid.

This board will do whatever you make it do. It responds well when pushed. Surprising at times.

Feels like a light weight blank was used. Glassing feels normal. Running a 8.5 skip fin.

A fun one that feels neutral, controlled and versatile. Great travel board option.
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