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  1. slosurf

    Xcel 3/2 Wetsuit Flex OS NEW

    Xcel 3/2 Wetsuit Flex OS Brand New (w/ tags) Back zip This wetsuit has been in the original packaging packed away in the rafters for a quite a few years. I bought it for one of my kids who a season later became a large and then forgot about it. $45plus shipping
  2. slosurf

    Sale: OLE & Greg Griffin

    9’3 OLE 2+1 23.5” width 3 & 3/15” thick (approx) Purchased at Hi-Tech in Maui Waxed it last spring but never rode it (since I was preoccupied with my single-fins and a fun 2+1 Odyysea foamie and my time in the water is fairly limited these days) Perfect condition Fins included. $785 6’2...
  3. slosurf

    Austin Stubby - 7'8"

    7'8" Austin Stubby Excellent condition. Meaty Beaty big and smooth mid-length --- 7'8" x 24" x 3.25" $425 Located in DC area
  4. slosurf

    Misc. Stuff I was going to bring to Beach House Swap...

    ...but, unfortunately, could not make it. T-Rax 4-board Quad Wall Mount Rack - $65 Read about them here: Solid board racks. I emptied one of my two Quads recently as I have thinned the quiver out and have no plans to grow the herd...
  5. slosurf

    9'10" HPNR by Jim Phillips EPS 2+1

    Very clean HPNR shaped by Jim. 9'10" 3.25" EPS foam 2+1, fins included Extremely clean, nearly new condition. I was nearly 20 lbs heavier when I ordered this board from Jim a few years back. Replaced it with a shorter, thinner Ole 2+1 not too long ago. $750 Located in DC area.
  6. slosurf

    11' Jim Phillips Custom SWT SUP

    I am selling a custom-order SUP shaped by JP. 11' length. SWT template. Constructed in eps. Great on small ocean swell and equally at home on flat water. Comes with custom-ordered bag from Only at Midnight. Board has seen quite a bit of use and had a professional repair a few years back but is...
  7. slosurf

    For Sale: 9.8 Andreini

    9.8 Andreini log. I bought it from Roach a while ago who had custom ordered the board. Around 23" wide and 3-3.25 thick. $700 Board is located in Wash DC area. I will be in northern NJ over Memorial Day weekend and could shuttle it up there. Attached files
  8. slosurf

    For Sale: Jim Phillips Magic Foil

    9.7 Jim Philips Magic Foil I personally believe every model Jim shapes should have the word ‘Magic’ in it. At least that has been my experience in nearly a decade of ordering boards from The Genius. This 9.7 Magic Foil model is being offered for sale in practically new, barely used...
  9. slosurf

    Alaia Popouts Have Arrived

    Well, not technically pop-outs but these Tom Wegener alaias are made in a factory in the Far East. Tight jeans and trucker hats not included.
  10. slosurf

    Idea: Gathering in Central FL

    I'll be heading down to Central FL between X-mas and New Year's. I stay in Winter Park but spend as much time as I can surfing, typically between PAFB and south of Indialantic. I think Jook is going to be down from SC around the same time, Gaucho and I have talked about getting together for a...
  11. slosurf

    Tudor's Got a Brand New Pigbag
  12. slosurf

    For Sale: Ole, Jacobs, Yater, Wegener

    I don’t foresee riding the boards below any time soon given everything else I have in the quiver, so I am unloading the following logs which have never been waxed for hundreds less than you can buy these boards retail: 10’ Jacobs Noserider. Classic red stripes nose to tail, nice...
  13. slosurf

    'Castration' as a Form of Policing the Lineup

    Castration of one's fin, that is. WWGD? (What would Ghandi do?) De-Finning CJ Nelson and his Crew "CJ, recognize these? After days of you and your crew ignoring basic manners and showing only contempt to everyone else in the water, the Hand of 2nd...
  14. slosurf

    San O Weekend Surfing Pics

    Adam from Bing Attached files
  15. slosurf

    Vintage Logs - Show Us Your Favorite

    Every time I post on one of the off-topic threads like on the USA Today bloodbath last week, I feel like I need to make up for it by starting a surf-related thread. So, I thought I’d ask all of you connoisseurs of vintage logs to post a picture of your favorite vintage stick - or simply weigh...