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  1. Budthedog

    LA repairs

    I just picked up a 7’10 microant from Craigslist for $200. It was definitely cheap for a reason - a couple delam spots, one that’s a little bigger and a couple dings. Does anyone have any recommendations for someone to take it to in the LA area? I’m tempted to just go at it all myself because I...
  2. Budthedog

    WTB: Phd 10”

    Hey guys, I’m sure it’s a long shot but I’m on the hunt for a 10” PHD. Thought I’d take a look here before buying the 9.5. If you’ve got a similar flex fin you want to unload, let me know too. This is for a 7’ Klaus Jones evolution with a pretty wide tail at 17.5” thanks!
  3. Budthedog

    Paul Gross on 4a’s ([email protected])

    Found this on an old swaylocks thread. Seeing that 4a is the widely accepted starting point for fin exploration, what are people’s thoughts? Has construction changed? Q: Paul, whats the difference between the Greenough 4A, 4C and P.G. Flex tip fins? Paul: The Greenough 4A was a curve I took...
  4. Budthedog

    Surfbag recommendations that works for hulls?

    The board is 7' but the fin is almost 12 inches up from the tail. Seems to be an in between range for board bags. I don't need something super padded - not planning on serious travel, I just want something to move between car/apt/beach with maybe a tiny bit of protection. Any recommendations...
  5. Budthedog

    WTB - Fowler V8 or Platypus

    Maybe a long shot here but I just read the entire 80 pages of that Bruce Fowler thread and now I want one! Preferably sub 8’
  6. Budthedog

    Surf progression and displacement hulls questions

    Big ramble ahead so here’s the TLDR: 1. Is the front foot surfing on hulls similar to the mechanics of snowboarding? 2. Does progressing with your average board make transitioning to a hull more challenging (specifically regarding weight placement and fin use)? The ramble I’ve been surfing for...
  7. Budthedog

    WTS Solite 3mm size 9

    Tiny bit too small for me, never wore them outside so I can return them, but they’re tough to come by so if anyone wants them let me know. If you wear 9.5 they’ll likely work. I’m in LA. $75 (65 plus shipping costs I paid - promise I’m not making anything off this)
  8. Budthedog

    Cost of color

    Looking at ordering a board from a local shaper, just curious what I should expect to pay for color (matte not glossed)? Is it pretty standardized or dependent on board size (kind of makes sense)? I was quoted ninety bucks per side.

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