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  1. Basenji703

    Surfing celebrity obituary

    Great video, great man!!! May his memory be a blessing!!!!
  2. Basenji703

    Favorite 60’s

    I have ridden my Morey Pope John Peck Penetrator , my G&S Midget Farrelly Stringerless, my Gordie Noserider and my Con Ugly. I guess my favorite was the Stringerless followed by the Penetrator. I enjoy riding my modern longboards much more. That being said, if someone has a 10' Surfboards...
  3. Basenji703

    can anyone help me better understand (surf) nostalgia

    This is interesting. I grew up in Monmouth County (Little Silver) and my second surfboard was a Challenger Eastern received in May/June 1967. We probably surfed many of the same breaks there. This is what I remember as well and I have many of the same refections. Surfing now at First Street...
  4. Basenji703

    Board(s) you're sitting on and can't / won't sell and why

    I am sitting here in the Dermatologoist’s office waiting for a procedure. I have 71 surfboards. I have been collecting them since 1971. I have 5 that are my current use boards and they cycle in and out. The others are ones that are interesting or unique or something. I very rarely sell these...
  5. Basenji703

    not a pop out

    Damn, really cool!!!!! I can't read the logo, who made it?
  6. Basenji703

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    Hell ya!!!!!!
  7. Basenji703

    Recent Pick Ups?!

    Liking that kneeboard!! Where did you find it?
  8. Basenji703

    Lasik and Surfing

    I have worn contacts surfing since 1971. Works for me. I understand that when I have cataract surgery it should correct my vision.
  9. Basenji703

    Surfing shoes?

    I should know on Sunday or Monday. I expect I will.
  10. Basenji703

    Surfing shoes?

    Thanks guys!! I just ordered a pair. I am at the point where I need to wear something on my feet year round. :confused:
  11. Basenji703

    Surfing shoes?

    I need to protect my feet/toes while surfing this summer when we are out of boots. I would prefer relatively light weight that stay on one's feet well. I know I can cut down old boots, but I would rather use something else. What do any of you use? Any suggestions? Thanks!!!
  12. Basenji703

    Board you would consider trading/selling if the offer was right?

    I am considering selling my Greg Noll Stemwinder and perhaps my '66ish Weber pig shape (not the later Weber Pig).
  13. Basenji703

    VA Beach Surfboard Swap Meet

    I suspect I will be there. Not sure what if anything I will bring. :)
  14. Basenji703

    Recent Pick Ups?!

    It is a late '66 early '67 Ugly. I have one as well. they made a few before they settled on the Ugly logo. I got mine to ride. @Sharkb8t repaired mine. :)
  15. Basenji703

    Longboard finds - not deals

    I'm guessing that the Challenger Eastern will be more valuable in New Jersey than here. I my guess is $750 would be a closer value. I could be the only Challenger Eastern fan in this area. My second board was shaped by Tinker, or that's what he told me. :) I used to hang at the shop back in...
  16. Basenji703

    Robert 'REDMAN' Manville

    Red made me a number of WRVs over the years. They were all amazing boards, alas I sold them to get others. He was a great shaper!!!!
  17. Basenji703

    Mike Eaton

    I have an Eaton prone paddle board. I love it!!!! RIP Mike!!!
  18. Basenji703

    My Second Bone Marrow Transplant

    Don't forget the go fund me he started. It's in the first post in this thread.
  19. Basenji703

    Looking for information on a Weber Performer

    I got into Kiernan the last year it was in existence, I used to lust after the Webers, but I got a Challenger Eastern from Tinker West instead. You know Tom Eadon? He made me an amazing board for small and medium sized Hawai'i when I lived there. I sold it on the East Coast when I moved back...
  20. Basenji703

    Dingpatch Fin Auction

    Pop this to the top!!

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