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  1. zippy

    FS /FT 9’9” CJ designs Parallax

    Looking for a twin or twinzer long fish >8’ in NJ. Board has one professionally repaired ding on nose with slight discoloration but is new.
  2. zippy

    FS Pavel 6’8” SOLD

    Not sure what model this is but has speed dialer (lockbox) fin set up. Asking $650. Located in NJ. A couple small repaired dings and probably some heal dents. Too cold to take wax off. Fins included. No dimensions but looks to be near or at 3” thick.
  3. zippy

    FS 9’8” Magic Ham Delux SOLD

    Bought this board on an impulse Board is in Mint Condition Asking 1000.
  4. zippy

    9’8” Bahne Equalizer SOLD

    One of a kind board but have to let it go to fund a recent purchase -(777) Signed by Bill Bahne. Couple heal dents but in excellent condition otherwise. Board can be seen at Beach House surf shop in Bay Head NJ. $850 includes fin in picture.
  5. zippy

    8’4” Andrieni Serena FS $800

    Passing this on to fund a Tyler 777. Very good condition but does not include fin.
  6. zippy

    6’6” MR FlyingFish SOLD

    A couple pressure dings and a slight repair near the nose but probably 8/10. Cobra glassing. Shaped by MR at Real water sports in NC. If you’re looking for speed, this board really fly’s. $550.
  7. zippy

    10’4” Ramsey Jay FS SOLD

    This board is a rider, water tight and lots of repairs but loads of fun. Foiled rails. No concave. A slight twist which has been said to make it ride “rights” better. Lots of history behind this one, who knows, it may have even been Jerry Lopez’s board at one time. $600
  8. zippy

    9’6” Tyler Craftsman noserider Sold

    Heal dents on deck from normal usage. One small pressure dent on bottom. Water tight. -Sold
  9. zippy

    FS 9’6” Bahne $850

    Have to sell this to make room. Wood work by Jim Phillips and shapes by Bill Bahne. Beautiful board and includes the fin shown. Located on jersey shore.
  10. zippy

    WTB Roof Racks for 2003 Honda Civic coupe (Thule)

    Thule doesn't make the fit kit for this car so it's just a shot in the dark but wondering if anyone has some old racks they want to sell (or trade for a board maybe)?
  11. zippy

    stolen boards

    Hi, if anyone sees a Caster longboard 10' single fin with orange fade to yellow coloring and looks like a triple stringer but is actually not, and has the words "Who is that dude?" written on the stringer above the fin, it was stolen from Belmar on 8/19. Unfortunately I don't have pictures...
  12. zippy

    Honey Badger 7’3” fs in nj

    New thread new price, $550 with Tudor fin. This board was fun to ride on waist high + fast hollow waves. It prolly has extra glassing but don’t know the specs. It’s a great tube shooter. Wedge stringer. Excellent craftsmanship. Selling this and another 7’ single fin to fund a new Bonzer
  13. zippy

    FS in NJ: 7'3" Mabile Honey Badger, 6'10" Pavel Design Quad fish

    Selling to cover the cost of a recent longboard purchase. Honey Badger $700, Pavel $400 Honey Badger has extra glass, not sure of the weight but its pretty bullet proof. I will include a 9" Tudor Karma fin. Pavel is a bit thinner and 21 3/4" at widest point, RFC quad fins included
  14. zippy

    Diamond tails are forever

    Just wondering if anyone else thinks diamond tails work better/worse on any board? I feel like the boards that are the most memorable (magic?) for me had diamond tails or very thin narrow square tails. Oops wrong place to post this thread. But if anyone is selling one I might be interested
  15. zippy

    FS 10’10” longboard Hobie $600

    10’10” x 26” x 3 1/2” This Hobie probably was a restore hence the opaque finish. It is so big I’ve been using it as a SUP in flat water. I’m guessing it weighs between 40-50 lbs. Board is located in central Jersey. It’s on Jersey Shore CL.
  16. zippy

    FS 8’ Campbell Bros. Bonzer

    Just posted on CL - Jersey Shore
  17. zippy

    FS Two Crows 9'2"

    Need to thin the quiver, not sure what model it is, but it works well for me on shore break. Asking 650. comes with Island Fin
  18. zippy

    Hobie Phil Edwards 9' 6" fs

    Triple stringer w/ tail block, 9/10 condition. Signed by Phil. Probably made in 1993. I tried to load pics but they're too big. Asking $1000. Fin not included.
  19. zippy

  20. zippy

    Phillips 10' Pig FS

    Selling my Phillips Pig, too many boards in the quiver. There is a small delam on the deck. Other than that it's in great shape. Asking 500. Attached files