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  1. slideright

    Brand New Lovelace V-Bowls fin

    Hi, I ordered an 8.5” v bowls fin under the influence last week. I quickly realized I did not really need it. So now it’s for sale... or trade for a 10” or 10.5” 4A fin or 4A style fin (please no junk) $65 shipped
  2. slideright

    WTB - Black Rose Dark Horse or Deviated Septum

    Looking for either board in 9’6 and above
  3. slideright

    CJ Nelson Outlier reviews?

    I’ve been eyeing the outlier. I’ve never bought a board from a larger brand so if there is a better alternative let me know. Either way, if anyone has this board and has feedback let me know.
  4. slideright

    Where are the wetsuits?

    I have been on the hunt for a 3/2 chestzip wetsuit size LS for a few weeks now. Ive tried all the local shops and tried to order from multiple sites only to have the orders canceled? is COVID to blame or is this a greater conspiracy to keep my sessions shorter?
  5. slideright

    Best Board for Shoulder Injury

    I have either a partial or total rotator cuff tear. I have been rehabbing but will be starting PT and possibly surgery at end of the month. I’m wondering what boards you’d recommend for someone with a bad shoulder. I normally ride either a 9’7 Sam or a 7’6 egg. With the Sam I can catch waves...
  6. slideright

    Black Rose Mfg. who has tried them?

    I am thinking of getting a custom from Black Rose and was seeing if anyone has any input or reviews. In particular, I am torn between the Fine Swine and the Deviated Septum.
  7. slideright

    Lots of Birdwells

    Time to clean out my trunks I never wear. All in beyond new to never worn. $15 each including shipping in US, PayPal or Venmo 1 - New Version Birdwell - 33 Black -SOLD 1 - New Version Birdwell - 33 Blue - SOLD 1 - Older Version Birdwell - 34 Red - SOLD 1 - Older Version Birdwell - 34 Green - SOLD
  8. slideright

    Wetsuits and a Fin

    1. Nine Plus 3/2 short sleeve full suit XL fits like a L Worn Once $100 shipped anywhere in US 2. Nine Plus 3mm farmer John XL fits like a L Good condition worn a few times a lil cracking in the neck. $75 shipped anywhere in US 3. SOLD 9.5” clear Velzy Fin great condition $65 shipped anywhere in...
  9. slideright

    Phil Edwards Style Boards

    Does anyone have one? Feedback on that style, what it works in what it does not?
  10. slideright

    Looking for a 10" Greenough or Greenough Style Fin

    If anyone is holding let me know, please
  11. slideright


    Cruised our coast (Florida) last weekend during a very decent run of swell. I noticed longboarding, in particular traditional style (leash less, single fin, heavily glassed boards) never really took hold here. Then I thought of my travels along the eastern seaboard and noticed the same idea...
  12. slideright

    California Dreaming

    How hard is it really to transplant and make it in California? Really...
  13. slideright

    Crappy beach break log vids

    while we are on specific topics; post some vids of logging in beach break. Not just the perfect noosa, Malibu, pavones etc...
  14. slideright

    Tofino Duct Tape
  15. slideright

    Pintail Fin

    Any recommendations for a pintail log?
  16. slideright

    Sold a board

    Sell a board and money burning a hole on your pocket and all the amazing used board deals vanish Is there a term for that? *in·ev·i·ta·ble*
  17. slideright

    Contact info For Hilbers

    Is there a better way of contacting him than the email posted on his website?
  18. slideright

    Innermost limits of Pure Edge Futuristic
  19. slideright

    Authentic Wave Real stuff
  20. slideright

    9.95 Birdwell Beach Britches

    Birdwell is selling off classic style shorts for 9.95 random colors etc...