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    Longboard finds - not deals

    Did Ace ghost his prone paddleboards too?
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    Fuzzy Surf Vest Help

    I have an old O'neil vest with a fuzzy, fleece/wool-like material on the inside (no neoprene anywhere, looks like lycra or nylon on the outside). It's so nice, the perfect summer top, but can't find a replacement for it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about or how to get a new one with...
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    Dudes smoking crack selling surfboards

    He forgot to mention the bicycle tire nose guard for extra grip when double carrying the kids and showing all the riders and beach people! Nice find
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    SOLD: 11'0" x 25" x 3.6" Mickey Munoz Super Glide Surftech

    Spelled J-O-E. Pronounced ch-oh-duh. choad.
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    New Handle for Japsom == Proper_Mode

    PSA I changed my name and didn't think to tell anyone until @kclibman mentioned he couldn't find me. no big reason just wanted to, but don't want anyone to think it's a newb spammer hacker flipper. just a newb. here's what I think you probably think I look like: japsom: Proper_Mode...
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    When it's choppy, small and you don't want to ride a log...

    Snag this!
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    When it's choppy, small and you don't want to ride a log...

    Or even mini Simmons thing. I had an oversized FireWire sweet potato and could probably catch a ripple. Had one of the longest shortboard waves of my life at knee high c street on that. I think a Mitsven quad mini simm e with the bump or double bump in the tail would be sweet. I just picked...
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    Oof, yeah you could probably even get a better deal off the rack at Mollusk.
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    Is that the old double mint repair procedure on the tail??
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    Post Your Quiver

    You see that Gypsy from Mike Griffin on craigslist? Not sure if that’s anything like what you had in mind
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    Surfboard glassing schedule preferences

    Dave Parmenter mentioned pu blanks have like a harder outer crust that is more resistant to pressure dents. So removing more material from the surface during shaping could make it more susceptible to pressures. I had a stub vector from him that was rock solid with double 6 deck and 6 bottom all...
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    Mandala Avocet Discussion

    You’ll need to skip in a minute or two to see some surfing. Josh hall Lovelace
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    New Surf / Camp Vehicle Storage

    Thanks I might take you up on that for next month’s trip!
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    New Surf / Camp Vehicle Storage

    Hey all. I traded in my minivan for a Ford Expedition and curious if anyone has recommendations for adding some storage. I have a couple of surf and camping trips (tent sites) coming up and need some more space since the interior is going to be full with 6 passengers. Trying to decide...
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    Good sellers list

    Thanks KC, japsom has become Proper Mode. Reddit assigned me this new handle and I liked it better haha. I used to work with a busboy who pronounced my name "Jason", as japsom, or yapsom, and that's where that came from so it easy to detach from.
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    Sold The what?

    I retract my previous statement. I took a quick look and I would hang on tight to anything you can lol! Or use some of that budget for a board-buying road trip. It's no Levitator but it's something to ride for the summer...
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    Sold The what?

    Do both. Keeping searching the used marketplaces for boards under 300 or so and climb back up the ladder if you want something fancier. I think there is a sweet spot for fun underrated overlooked longboards around that price point if you hustle to snag them.
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    Longboard finds - not deals

    Hopefully all of the issues have been disclosed. I guess transparency is now in such short supply it comes at a premium!