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  1. dsquare

    Any Bing experts?

    Just wondering if this is the real deal. Its only a mile or so away from me.
  2. dsquare

    El Toro Sailing school 10-12 years olds rescued by Santa Cruz surfers

    Not sure who had the bright idea to tender tow this many kids in at once through a decent sized swell. If the surfers hadn't been there it could have been far worse.
  3. dsquare

    Where are my brothers?!?

    Currently at home, suffering. Kidney stones have hit me hard. For about the 15th time in just under 20 years I am at home with severe stone issues. Lying in bed under the influence of hydrocodone, which I cannot enjoy because of the pain in my nuts. Wondering how many of you suffer from this...
  4. dsquare

    Setting your board down on the beach- Wax Up or Wax Down?

    So once in a while I see pictures of boards on the beach. They are almost always wax side down in the sand. Even with heavily rockered boards the sand at the beaches here in Hawaii is soft enough that setting my board down wax side down results in a significant amount of sand being embedded in...
  5. dsquare

    Great Shake-out and Tsunami warnings

    Today is the annual "Great ShakeOut" for many states, especially the west coast of the United States. Many of us live in areas that are affected by earthquakes or would be affected by tsunami's that accompany them. The PNW is expecting "the big one" any day now (could be now- could be in 10000...
  6. dsquare

    New Board Day!!! Dane Perlee Osprey nose-rider

    Just walked back inside after unpacking my new board! 10'x23"x3 1/4 I wanted a fast noserider so Dane suggested starting with a speed demon and giving a little more width. I'm both excited and scared about taking it out this evening. Even the truck that delivered it was cool! Boxed with two...
  7. dsquare

    Can I get lucky

    Dane Perlee / Osprey surfboards has finished my 10' board. Shipping to Kauai is... expensive. It would actually be cheaper to fly to San Diego, pick up the board, and fly home. Are there any Jamboarders who are flying over to the islands anytime soon who wouldn't mind an extra board? Of course...
  8. dsquare

    Got to watch Kai Lenny up close.

    This weekend my wife took me on a boat tour of the Napali coast. Smaller RIB type boat with big outboards. Near perfect conditions had us cooking in areas that normally slowed boats down. It was fairly flat, very little wind, low tide exchange, smaller swells, and very few clouds. We went out...
  9. dsquare

    Ben Aipa's personal surfboard collection is up for sale to help fund personal medical costs. Worthy boards and a worthy cause. Maybe have an island jamboarder hold it for you until your next trip out here. Ben's boards are especially good for us bigger boys who...
  10. dsquare

    From Xanadu "What is this?" With this fin placement, you could almost ride it backwards.
  11. dsquare

    Best writer on CL This guy posts pretty regular ads for his shop. Some good boards, some not so much, but always worth the read... "10'2 Longboard forged in Mordor by Gandalf-available at LuckyLucks SurfSalon right NOW! thing...
  12. dsquare

    World surf records now recorded in Hawaiian scale.

    Quality article from Johnny Utah at The Inertia
  13. dsquare

    How I cut my feet up and why its important

    Yesterday I got off a little early and met my wife for some clear sky, no wind, late afternoon surf. It was a little off, but an occasional set wave meant that some waves had potential. I took off for my first left way too far inside, but way further left than usual. It closed out on me and...
  14. dsquare

    WSL- Medina drops in again and is a BUM!

    So Medina just intentionally burned his opponent in the final seconds of his heat at Pipeline. Medina did it knowing that Ibelli could not get another wave. Medina is a bum. It may be legal according to the rules but it was a dick move. I'm sure the WSL will address this in the future. But...
  15. dsquare

    Tax man!

    Last Monday night at last light/last wave a decent size grey dorsal fin popped up about 6 feet away from me just cruising. I went thru the mental checklist (not a seal, not a turtle, vertical tail, not a dolphin, not a brown/black color) and saw that the rear fin was about 3-4 feet away from...
  16. dsquare

    Skin Cancer - Melanoma on ear. Graphic WARNING (multi-post)

    1/x (not yet graphic) So I've been out of the water for several weeks now. All my doctor friends, including the one who did the surgery has told me several times that it must be healed up completely before I go back out in the water. You simply can't mess with an infection next to your...
  17. dsquare

    A better car/SUV/Truck board rack.

    So being an average height guy with shorter than normal arms I sometimes struggle getting my boards on and off my jeep without a little banging around. I have thought that a system that would allow me to slide them up and down would be nice. I have even gone as far as sketching a few ideas down...
  18. dsquare

    Spent my lunch break at Ambrose's shop...

    It was...... educational
  19. dsquare

    Snapped Leash stories (not a leash vs no-leash thread)

    I know many of you are able to regularly surf without leashes and that surfing leash free can improve skills, I do it when I can, when it's safe. This is not about that. The last two "Share your stoke" posts featured snapped leashes. Sometimes they go, and when they go, it's often not a good...
  20. dsquare

    Phillips in Kauai Too thin for me (probably). He's asking mid $700's. Happy to help someone prep for a trip out to the Garden Island.