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    Board train Newport Beach Ca. to Dolly

    Dolly has it covered. She's real busy and has things under control. Thanks Jammers
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    Board train Newport Beach Ca. to Dolly

    Aloha, Looking for help getting a board from Newport Beach to Dolly in San Diego. Also waiting for response from Dolly. An 11 foot George glider. Can compensate for time n gas. Thanks James
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    Trying to help you out Sam. Contacted the seller of the George glider.
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    Aloha Mark, Been thinking of ordering a Cosmic Bandito around 10'8" or so. I am 180 lbs n 63...

    Aloha Mark, Been thinking of ordering a Cosmic Bandito around 10'8" or so. I am 180 lbs n 63 years young. Christine is really easy to communicate with. Could you share your thoughts on the board. Thanks James
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    New Board Post - 11’ MIchael Miller Gypsy

    Came out great. I have a Miller 11 foot pintail n love it. What does the wider tail do or not do? Thanks
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    CJ Nelson Outlier reviews?

    I just picked up a 9'0" Outier. First wave and first session was a blast. Love it. Loose n fast. Very easy board to surf. I have a custom noserider from Ryan Engle, his boards WORK!
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    WTF is going on

    Made my day! Great Laugh!
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    Lovelace FM - anyone have ride report or thoughts?

    Check Ryan's site, he has a post on the FM. Completely different beast than a Lizzy.
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    Dead Kooks Logs rider feedback?

    I have a modified Dead Kooks Guerrero 9'11" They normally have a narrower nose. This one is a little bit wider. It works great and noserides as good as the Archer is. Loose n stable on the nose. I have a Thomas WIZL a little narrower nose. These are both mild performance nose riders. They...
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    Mai Tai recipe

    Aloha, I work in a hotel in Beautiful, Glassy, Uncrowded, Waikiki. With Covid it has been PACKED! Every bar you have a Mai Tai at will be a different recipe. Our recipe is 1 1/2 shots Cruz light Rum. Pineapple, guava and oj juice. Then 1 shot of Morgan dark rum floated. You can adjust the...
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    *SOLD* No parking? No problem! Honda Ruckus surf scooter for sale.

    Good price. They are in very High demand in my neck of the woods! Is the rack made completely from PVC?
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    Longboard finds - not deals

    Chased the Chief for over a year. He responded right away. It has a fin box. He said its a beast at 29 lbs. Good luck.
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    Vixen Files, for builders

    They were in the auto body industry at least 20 years ago. To help sand down runs after painting.
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    SOLD: Leashes (3 total): Stay Covered, all black, 8' & 7' Comp 5.5mm

    Aloha, Will take both the 7 and 8. pm me. Thanks James
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    FS: 9'10" Tyler Craftsman Noserider

    Aloha, Will purchase if still available. Thanks James
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    Chris Craft or Eagle Glider

    Andreini is a great choice. They are eps and a very loose board. They feel much shorter than they are. Michael Miller makes a great glider also. My 2 cents.
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    FS: Klaus Jones EVO Pin, modified hull 8'5

    Thanks Couch for a great ride report. James
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    Matuse Philo XL wetsuit top

    Price Reduction $75.00 shipping included!
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    Matuse Philo XL wetsuit top

    Matuse Philo XL long sleeve wetsuit top. Too long and too big for me. I am 5'8" at 180 lbs used less than 10 times $95.00 shipping included
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    United Airlines Ends Surfboard Baggage Fees for CA Flights

    FYI Just flew to Auckland from Honolulu with Hawaiian Airlines. Board bag was no charge. My son flew from San Francisco direct to Auckland. One backpack and one 8 foot bag. They dinged him 100 bucks each way. They said any second bag is a 100 bucks. United allows one free bag international...