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  1. dsquare

    Kauai (This Summer) Looking for Advice Re: Longboarding

    If you miss a chance to meet Ambrose you are missing out on a truly life enhancing opportunity. But he was shut down pretty tightly last time I was by there.
  2. dsquare

    Kauai (This Summer) Looking for Advice Re: Longboarding

    I'm careful and know the spots and still beat the crap out of my fins.
  3. dsquare

    Kauai (This Summer) Looking for Advice Re: Longboarding

    Call Poipu surf shops, they rent some non-pop outs IIRC. Keep an eye out on the Kauai Craigslist or FB marketplace. If you find one you want to buy I'll pick it up for you and store it. Then you surf it, and I will sell it on CL when you are done. And surfing an Ebert or a Papa Sau will make...
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    Kauai (This Summer) Looking for Advice Re: Longboarding

    Feel free to message me or call. And we can talk about surf spots as well. After living in the country on Oahu for 5 years on the windward side and I try to avoid heavy windswell. As @mightyrime mentioned Rock Quarry and Wires are like that- the whole eastside is pretty wind dependent- though...
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    Kauai (This Summer) Looking for Advice Re: Longboarding

    Tons to do here. Right now I would avoid the Hanalei/Princeville area. The spring rains were, once again, not kind to the roads and getting in and out of Hanalei is limited. They let people in and out but the traffic lines are long as it is very limited when you can go thru. Thats ok though...
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    Any Bing experts?

    At that price for sure. I was considering for wall-hanging/history more than for riding, even then, my wife is saying its too ugly. I have '68 Dave Sweet for riding a classic board.
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    Any Bing experts?

    You guys are awesome... going to try to reach out this week and get a closer look.
  8. dsquare

    Any Bing experts?

    Seller wants 750. Just curious what folks here think/know. I know nothing.
  9. dsquare

    Any Bing experts?

    Just wondering if this is the real deal. Its only a mile or so away from me.
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    Where do you put it when you are surfing? Or is it less for the low-tide hike outs and more for the long steep path hikes and you just stash it at the less crowded beach?
  11. dsquare

    Gift Exchange 2020

    Driftwood and I had to send our gifts across a couple ponds and a large landmass. From France to Hawaii- so I got it last night. Some styling espadrilles (which my daughter rolled her eyes at- so they are perfect), a sweet little wood handle pocket knife and a beautiful little card! Awesome...
  12. dsquare

    El Toro Sailing school 10-12 years olds rescued by Santa Cruz surfers

    Not sure who had the bright idea to tender tow this many kids in at once through a decent sized swell. If the surfers hadn't been there it could have been far worse.
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    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    Freaking cold this morning! 63 degrees (F). A little hint of off-shore north wind (cold air coming down from the top of Kauai explains the chill). I go to my usual spot and the parking lot is empty. Walk out to check it out and it looks ok but there is barely enough light to tell. Nobody on the...
  14. dsquare

    Dudes smoking crack selling surfboards

    Lots of crack on Kauai lately: 2k to 4k or offer for these classics: CL Link $500 for an NSP Barge: "Minor cosmetic "rub/scratches" along rails" CL Link
  15. dsquare

    New Board Day!!! Dane Perlee Osprey nose-rider

    Six months would be about what I waited and what I hear he is at. I am loving this board more each time I take it out. I have figured out the sweet spots for paddling and can catch waves sooner than most, or when other people are struggling. As noted in another post, I caught tons of waves a...
  16. dsquare

    what are people listening to today?

    Violent Femmes Hallowed Ground Just downloaded a bunch of my 80's favorites. Its fun revisiting this particular album. My son asked me what this was all about and I was able to identify the juxtaposition of the dark, criminal, and evil with the saintly and Christian. It's fun to see things...