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  1. Mcrockett77

    11' EC Glider *sold*

    11' 23.5 3 5/8 great condition. $975
  2. Mcrockett77

    EC 9’6 Pistolero and 7’6 Glide-o-rama

    Selling for a friend: (Long Beach/Lakewood area) $450 for Glide o Rama 7’6 x 22 x 3 (root beer resin tint) $550 for pistolero 9’6 23.5 3 3/8 volan opaque white with red color patch on deck
  3. Mcrockett77

    10' EC Super Duper Sled

    In case anyone is interested.
  4. Mcrockett77

    Ec 10’ ec=mc2

    Mine if anyone is interested. Clean condition except for two small fixed dings. Heavy volan glass job
  5. Mcrockett77

    Wanted: Harbour Evolver

    let me know if you’ve got one.10+ 3 3/8+
  6. Mcrockett77

    Ec encarnacion

    Mine. 9’2 23.5 3 3/8 $550 on craigs $500 here with a bag, no fin Icons description:
  7. Mcrockett77

    New board ordered, what fin?

    ordered one of these in a 9'2. What fin?
  8. Mcrockett77

    Looking for long fish
  9. Mcrockett77

    Baja Mexico

    I'm heading down to Baja in the next few days and someone said you can only bring in one board duty free and you have to declare any additional boards. With that comes paying taxes. Can anyone confirm this? There are going to be 6 boards between three people on the racks.
  10. Mcrockett77

    La Saladita board choice

    I'm planning on heading there this summer and thinking about board choices. I have a "mid length" 8' single fin that I'm thinking of bringing as all of my long boards are over the 115" limit of most airlines. Anyone surf here? Am I going to be bummed to not have a true long board? Thought of...
  11. Mcrockett77

    Big/longer egg

    Thinking about a long egg 8' maybe 8'6. Thoughts? Too long for this type of shape? I've got an 8' quad glider but just can't connect with it. I'm more of a single fin guy. I'd order it from ec as a freeride.