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    East Coast Twinzers

    Wondering who in the northeast / east coast makes a good twinzer? Twinzer fish... Twinzer egg... Twinzer mid-pin... It's icy and the imagination runs wild. Also shipping sucks right now.
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    WTB: 10 foot board bag

    Anyone selling a 10 footer in the New York area? Or, anyone have a lead on any bag sales?
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    josh hall gypsy

    I've seen two pop up here, both 8'6. I thought they looked a bit like @Bruce Fowler 's NVM, at least in outline and to-the-naked-eye vee. Bruce has written about his design growing out of the G&S gypsy. What's going on with Josh Hall's take? Is 8'6, tri-fin the standard?
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    The Newborn Quiver

    Jammer parents, We've got a new addition to the house! Spending time with our wee boy has got me thinking ... what's the ideal 2-3 board quiver for the new mom / dad? Of course, board choice depends on ability and style and available waves. With that being said, I'd love to hear all of your...
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    Trade: My mini sim for your ...

    UPDATE Chocolate Fish / Eric Christenson mini sim quad for sale. Dims: 5'11(maybe 5'10, that's what I ordered) x 21 3/4 x 2 3/4 Excellent condition. New as of last summer. No dings. No repairs. Jammers, got a kid coming any day! Will...
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    Russ Short as midlength?

    Would appreciate any feedback / insight into Campbell Bros Russ Short in longer lengths, 6'10" - 7'6" or so. Particularly interested in an east coasters take. Do people prefer the CB egg (w/ewing or without) as a midlength? I tried searching older bonzer threads, but if I missed a...
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    Mystery Mr. Rogers

    Hey all, There was a 9'4 Bing Mr. Rogers on Boston (Walpole) and Rhode Island craigslist. I did a lot of hemming and hawing over that post. (Money + space / desire = deep crisis) Post is down now. Curious, was it a jammers?
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    Bing Alpha Pin / Omega reviews??

    Anyone have a report on these midlengths? Particularly interested in how they might go in winter time east coast conditions, you know, nor'easters, sandbars, whole lot of rubber.
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    FT or FS: Formula Fun Fish

    Hi Everyone, Up for trade is a Formula Fun fish. There's been some chatter in the Surfing forum about the Formula Fun and Almond foam boards -- both are made by Marko blanks. I picked up the board direct from Marko in April. The guys at the factory were great and doing some pretty...
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    surf shop suggestions: Cap Ferret and Guethary, France

    Dear Everyone, Going to a wedding in France next week and somehow convinced a bunch on non-surfers to go on a surf trip after. Spending 2 nights in the northern part of Cap Ferret, 4 nights in Guethary, and then 3 nights TBD. Does anyone have surf shop suggestions? Not sure if I should...
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    WTB: 6ft Simmons

    Dear Everyone, This is a long shot. A Hail Mary. Do you believe in miracles? I'm an east coaster camping this Tuesday-Thursday in the Morro Campground at Crystal Cove SP. Waves in the general area looking small. Is anyone in Newport/Laguna/Dana Point area selling a 6ft simmons...
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    Space Time?

    Hey all, Has anyone ridden any Space Time boards? Found them through Noah Ka Oi's website. Don't much about Space Time beyond what's easy to find on the Internet. Curious to get jamboard's take.