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    Wanted: mid or long hull 7-9' in SoCal + FT Deepest Reaches small wave gun

    Located in San Diego. LMK if you're holding and willing to sell or open to potential trades.
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    WTT - Skip Frye 8.5" for 7.5"

    I have a few Skip Frye 8.5" (not volan) single fins from True Ames in varying conditions, from new to semi-used. I'd like to trade one of them for a 7.5" Frye. I'm in North County SD.
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    WTT 10' Mabile triple stringer eagle for a ~ 9'-10' single fin glider or Hull

    Single fin glider or speed shape in the 9'0 - 9'10 range. Preferably single fin or 2+1. A magic model or similar from Mitzven, Miller, Mabile etc would be perfect. Not afraid of some foam/volume and open to other local shapers. I have a 10' triple stringer Mabile eagle glider I'd consider...
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    10' Larry Mabile Eagle trade for 10'+ fish simmons

    I have a Larmo 10' triple stringer eagle w/ resin leash loop (great condition no dings) I'm looking to trade for a 10+ fish simmons from Hall, Mitzven, or frye + cash. I also have a Frye 10' Gypsy I'd be open to trading for the right Frye fish simmons.
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    Tyler Warren 9'11 or 8'0 Thick Lizzy for Frye simmons (or similar) trade

    I have a brand new TW 9'11 triple stringer single fin glider w/ green tint and an 8'0 Thick Lizzy ridden a few times I'd be willing to trade either for a Frye fish simmons or similar tri-fin Frye gliders 8'-10'6". Please message for pics and details if you're up for a trade (or possible cash +...
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    WTB - Fish Simmons ~9'11 or Skip 10'+

    Anyone have a fish Simmons around 9'11" from any of the regulars (Mabile, Deepest Reaches, etc.) or any Frye gliders? New to the forum... Lifelong north county SD surfer. Hurt my back really bad a few years ago and only able to ride big boards these days (that I can knee paddle)... Looking for...