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  1. Largoazul

    Your favorite stringer ever thread

    The I beam in your stick is an important feature. Some notice , some don’t, and some don’t care. Let’s hear what people have to say about the subject. Stiff, flexy, thin, thick , triple stringer, t band etc.
  2. Largoazul

    Two cooperfish for trade

    I have two cooperfish for trade. A 7’8 comet in great condition and a 8’4 Malibu foil pintail. I am looking for a few certain boards. Particularly 67 longboards. Lightweights, Jacob’s takayama, hynson model , ricks. The 7’8 comet is nearly flawless the 8’4 has one small color matched ding by...
  3. Largoazul

    Fs/Thule areoblade racks with surfboard/sup carrier

    These racks came off my Toyota Highlander , so should fit many suv’s/ vans. They worked great for me. I’m in southern Maine. 508 561 5412. $300
  4. Largoazul

    Few boards for sale

    9’6 Cooperfish hornet 9’6” -SOLD 8’2 schroff lightning bolt gun -$450 1968 bing pintail lightweight - nice condition - $1250 with waveset don’t want to ship. Boards are in southern Maine 508 561 5412
  5. Largoazul

    WTT 68’ 9’2 bing pintail for a vintage bing log

    Hello all, Throwing this one out there.. looking to trade my 68’ 9’2 x 21.5 pintail for a vintage bing that is loggier and close to 10’. Looking for a standard model, dnnr, maybe even, dt. Few things about the board... came from George’s surf shop San Diego April 4th 68. Pretty gunny, very...
  6. Largoazul

    Northeast Surf Swap

    Hey all! Spring is coming in hot and we wanted to put on a surf swap for all the northeast cats to swap boards and share some stoke. It will be an old school surf swap so bring your boards for sale or trade. The swap will be held on March 28th 11-4 at Aquaholics surf shop in Kennebunk Maine...
  7. Largoazul

    Seeking expertise/help surfy antique car folk

    Seeking any knowledge on the subject.... Need to pick up an antique pickup truck from my wife’s brothers house in Philly. Does anyone know any good transporters? The truck hasn’t been run in several years so needs to be winched and transported up to Maine.
  8. Largoazul

    East Coast Winter Rituals

    What do people do ritualistically before winter surf? Specific tunes? Hot Beverages? Particular boards people favor in winter conditions? Pet your magic chihuahua?Let’s hear the quirkinesses. ‘‘Tis the season
  9. Largoazul

    For sale 7’2” vintage natural progression

    Downrailer especial. Pintail. Beak nose, lots of forward volume. A Malibu classic!$450
  10. Largoazul

    For sale 9’1” cooperdesigns v bottom

    for sale $1100 with a fin that works well in it. Really nice foiled board. More down rail style rails. Zeph shape.
  11. Largoazul

    Cooperfish device for sale 10’ This ones mine. $1000 for jammers. Great rider. No serious repairs.
  12. Largoazul

    For sale 7’8” Bob Krause semi gun

    7’6 semi gun made right before bob passed. Special board but need money for cloth and resin. Glassed in epoxy by Clyde. Good step up travel board. Jammer price $500. Board is in Maine . 508 561 5412
  13. Largoazul

    For sale 1967 10’ Gary Propper model

    selling this for a friend. Board is in rider condition. Few bumps n bruises. Bottom is tanned, but it is a good rider as I have ridden it. 50/50 pinches rails leading to a down nose up front. Guessing off the top of my head 22 1/2 wide. It was a team board and has the large hobie lettering on...
  14. Largoazul

    Trade bait 9’10” cooperfish mf 2

    posting this up here to see if there’s any good trades. I’ve ridden this board for a while. Very fined tuned machine. A great longboard to take on in bigger point surf with steeper drops. I believe it’s based off a 1967 dnnr (rolled bottom + pivot fin. Noserides great in walled up surf. Serial...
  15. Largoazul

    looking for my 7' 1969 hobie positive force

    hi all, looking for my hobie positive force. 7.8" x 22 i believe . Red tint out, big heart deck patch. small positive force lam. Im sentimental about this board. if anyone on here has it please let me know i would love to get it back . i have one picture left of it.
  16. Largoazul

    Board train request from Toms River NJ to RI

    Hey y’all . Derek is picking up the peck for me tomorrow. Any possibility someone is traveling up over the weekend. If the board gets to RI I can pick it up from there. Thanks.
  17. Largoazul

    WTB skip Frye model 9-10 ft

    looking for a skip Frye model longboard on east coast. Also have vintage boards to trade etc... let me know if your willing to part with one. Thanks! 508 561 5412
  18. Largoazul

    6’2 hansen transitional s deck for trade

    Had this up once before. Will try once again. Excellent shape for age 1969 I’m guessing with ventral fin system and fin. Bright white board. Two very small dings that are easy to fix. Large unusual 50/50 longboard lam on bottom. Super thick with a diamond tail. Very unique. But, I feel like it...
  19. Largoazul

    For sale 6’0 josh hall egg 2+1 egg

    excellent condition. Barely a heel dent. Purchased originally from pilgrim supply in ny. Olive tint. 550$ form for jammers I will list it on Cl for 600$.
  20. Largoazul

    Package deal “interesting hansens for trade”

    two transition Hansen’s for trade. One 6’2” s- deck diamond tail team rider board with unusual large 50-50 laminate with abstract. Ventral fin system 1969 most likely. Picked up the board from a original Hansen team rider. 2nd board “kneeboard” 5’4” scooped deck double concave. I believe...