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  1. waveglider619

    JBers please buy these midlengths so they can be in the family
  2. waveglider619

    Favorite Board Of All Time

    What is your favorite board of all time. Pick one from each category: Sub 7, Mid-length, and over 9? 9'6 ACE Reef Racer 8'4 Andreini Special K Cheating 7'2 Liddle DM
  3. waveglider619

    LTB Used Prone PaddleBoard

    Looking to find an into board something sub $1k Not sure if its out there Ive seen good deals in the past but wasn't as motivated then...
  4. waveglider619

    What are you drinking?

    No judging...
  5. waveglider619

    Wow 26k! Respect t to Hynson

    Nice to see Hyson get the deserved respect as a master shaper. 26k for the Rainbow Bridge down railer.
  6. waveglider619

    WTB The Californians surf movie

    Anybody have a copy they would part with? Thanks
  7. waveglider619

    ACE Surfboards Post your Pics and Thoughts

    Couldn't find anything about him on JB and thought there should be. Ive heard that he helped shaped bonzers back in the day and his boards today look pretty forward thinking My 9'6 Reef Racer goes insane. Bought used in 08 and keep comming back to it. I can't get enough. Triple stringer, tail...
  8. waveglider619

    WTB Future twin fin set

    Hi guys looking for a Future twin fin set. Let me know what your willing to part with and how much?
  9. waveglider619

    Can we do a Craigslist of the week San Diego?

    just a thought...
  10. waveglider619

    edit: (found) Looking for a Greg shaped Liddle

    Im looking for a Liddle shaped by Greg 7'0-8'6 DM, Smothie, point break, or... Im in SD