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  1. davey

    Knee paddling pros and cons? Ouch?

    Knee paddling is definitely more efficient than prone paddling, it's all in the glide.. And don't cross your feet.
  2. davey

    Wavestorm vs Costco Gerry Lopez 8' Foam - Performance Analysis and Comparison

    Really, tell that to Kalani Robb who rips just as hard on his softboard. Oh, and don't forget JOB..
  3. davey

    What board have you got coming..?

  4. davey

    Any Hawk Longboards out there?

    Yeah, one hours pay gets you a new surfboard. Sounds fair!!
  5. davey

    Surf spots with history

  6. davey

    Costco Andreini Vaquero foamie? worth it?

    Be careful you don't fall off your high horse..
  7. davey

    pop outs and china boards and the jam support?

    And here i was thinking you might be a vegan, don't ask me why.
  8. davey

    Any Hobie Thagomizer owners out there

    Not the Gary Larson from the Far Side, man of many talents..
  9. davey

    Surfbag recommendations that works for hulls?

    Hey Bud, just got my hands on a 7'10" vee bottom and have the same problem. Let me know what you come up with and also any photos of your new ride.
  10. davey

    Surfbag recommendations that works for hulls?

    GAS Travel 1 Fun board 7ft, has a slot for the fin so should fit. I've got a few and they're fantastic.
  11. davey

    Surfing Injuries

    Buggered my knee years ago, finally got a replacement. Never felt better.
  12. davey

    Watch Thread: What’s on your wrist?

    Thanks Peak, I'll be using this instead of my Ripcurl tide watch that karked it a few days ago. Ripcurl Service Centre at Torquay suck, after sales service is non existent.
  13. davey

    Big surf, far from beach, and a broken leash safety tips.

    If you have to rely on a leash when it gets big then I reckon you shouldn't be out there. If those guys weren't out there with you then you may have ended up a statistic. You're pretty lucky!
  14. davey

    Most influential and still relevant transitional board

    Hey Andrew, it is a blowup but like your mats it goes better if it's a bit under inflated.
  15. davey

    Most influential and still relevant transitional board

    It's not a board but for me it was the Surf o Plane, rode them as a young grom and still riding them.
  16. davey

    A simpleton's problem

    Hey Peak, this is my favourite, with me in the car, just rinse it out after a shot of espresso.
  17. davey

    Wrong crowd

  18. davey

    WTB: 7.5" Flex Fin

    Damn, too late. I was going to suggest the Catch Surf 7" fin. It's made of plastic but real flexy.
  19. davey

    Prescription glasses for surfing...

    Here's a pair from Tesla, should go nicely with your new vest..