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  1. GearNut

    Dingpatch Fin Auction

    I will bid $250, would love to have another of your works of art
  2. GearNut

    Vintage Rainbow Fins

    I am interested
  3. GearNut


    I have one and it installs very easily, however, as I am a large person, I have been reluctant to stand on it for fear of denting the door frame.
  4. GearNut

    Longboard finds - not deals

    Does anyone know this person or are they a member?
  5. GearNut

    Post Your Quiver

    You can hardly call it a pain room with that much beauty on each side of you
  6. GearNut

    Gift Exchange 2019

    I am in
  7. GearNut

    East coast board train thread

    I can pick it up from NC John and help get it north from there.
  8. GearNut

    Anyone want to go in on a box?

    They do use Dolly, to sure why it would be cheaper
  9. GearNut

    Roof rack advice

    Very easy to use. The main problem with a large stack is hooking the wire around the fixed side. I use a small 3 step ladder to make this easy. Once connected you just turn a knob to cinch it down, I have to remember not to tighten too much as it will crush the rail. I doubt your wife will...
  10. GearNut

    Roof rack advice

    I use the RV Inno Board Locker with a back up strap over it. The company says two boards but I have had up to five. the strap give me peace of mind that if the locker mounting hardware was to fail the strap would help keep everything on the roof.
  11. GearNut

    Tips and tricks

    The Nikon D500 has everything you need, the flagship of the DX sensor (not full frame) line. I used mine for over five years waiting for a full frame version to come out. The DX sensor with the lenses listed previously will give you a slight boost in magnification virtually. The size of the...
  12. GearNut

    Tips and tricks

    Tips Spend as much as you can afford on epuipment Stability of the camera Do not take your picture straight on, get off to the side My preferences Full frame sensor, although the smaller sensor does give a bit of boost for the magnification, it does not get the same color saturation I use Nikon...
  13. GearNut

    The Perpetual Flothru

    The hand off has been made, on its way to RI
  14. GearNut

    The Perpetual Flothru

    While I will admit I have had it for a long time, not two years. I had hoped my trip to give it a go this past summer in the OBX, but the waves weren't worth it. I plan to go to the board swap, can anyone help get it to Trli from there?
  15. GearNut

    Eastcoasters - how many of you have a board that needs transport up or down the coast

    I have a CooperDesigns Malibu Foil in MD going to Michael from SharkB8
  16. GearNut

    Eastcoasters - how many of you have a board that needs transport up or down the coast

    If you decide to go the less scenic route, I live fairly close to I95 in Maryland and get get boards down to Va Beach area.
  17. GearNut

    Florida - Glassing House

    Matt Garbutt one in Delaware