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  1. Fubar

    Tyler mini-Zeke 8'6" pintail

    I also offered up my 8'4" Clandestino and/or 7'4" Seaside and Beyond. Let's see how this goes ...
  2. Fubar

    WTB 9'8"-10" Noserider (New England Area)

    How about this savory item? It's not mine and its only 9-3, but I bet it gets a lot of waves on a lot of days
  3. Fubar

    Warmest Booties??

    I just bought these 7/5 Axxe booties one month ago. I've never had a warmer boot. They are more like a sock, the durability of the sole is TBD. They are easier to get on/off than regular booties with all the over-molded parts. You can turn them inside out and they will be dry by the next...
  4. Fubar

    How do you guys fly with your boards?

    My #1 piece of advice is not to overpack your board bag so it is a hassle for airport baggage handlers to carry.
  5. Fubar

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    I've seen mostly excellent repairs from Roger and few that were unimpressive. The long fish he shapes look good. I've seen them surfed well and seen him surf them (also very good).
  6. Fubar

    Skip Frye...I really need to know

    Let me ask a related question, who is next after Skip in terms of prices and scarcity? Is there a top ten of "highly desirable/high used market/hard to get?"
  7. Fubar

    Skip Frye...I really need to know

    If someone wants one of the boards destined for Japan, will he sell you one before it goes into the box?
  8. Fubar

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    Is the Blue Ridge shaper Bill or Billboards fame?
  9. Fubar

    WTB Large DryRobe

    +1 dryrobe. You can also put it on over your wetsuit and drive home
  10. Fubar

    FS 8’6” Jim Phillips Strawberry Shortcut *SOLD*

    Wow. Can you give some details on the ride?
  11. Fubar

    Mitsven Eagle in RI *SOLD*

    I'll see you in the lineup for EagleFest 2021
  12. Fubar

    TRADED 8'8" Andreini Special K

    I have an 8'8" and I recommend it highly. It works in a wide range of surf, best in good surf and is very confident underfoot.
  13. Fubar

    11' EC Glider *sold*

    Wow, good memory. I vividly recall that day and seeing you out there. That was the 11' Vaquero, which I still have.
  14. Fubar

    11' EC Glider *sold*

    In my earlier glider days, I had a regular Christension (came from Cuda) that was 11', very thin rails, and thin overall. It was fantastic. I used to call it the giant letter opener. I regret selling it. It is somewhere in ME.
  15. Fubar

    Cape Cod?

    The best spot (IMO) right now is Newcomb Hollow, which is closer to where you will be. Also, Marconi Beach. "Shark Season" is winding down for the year. But, don't surf alone. I haven't surfed alone on the cape in years and I surf there all the time.
  16. Fubar

    8’6” Tyler Mini Zeke

    I'm a victim here too. I've been planning to wait ~2 years before I get this board from goofyDuda. That timeline just keeps getting pushed out.
  17. Fubar

    WTB Campbell Brothers Alpha Omega

    Summer Sessions, up in NH, had one in the racks for months. I think 5'8"? What a fantastic looking board. Too small for me, but I admired it many times. Maybe someone here knows where it may have landed?
  18. Fubar

    FS: 8'4" PHD Hot Generation - $450

    The Sisterhood of the Traveling Hull