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    Westhampton board train Help

    Thanks, Pat, I'm working on the details. I'll keep you looped in whether its a go or not
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    Westhampton board train Help

    I'm looking at a board that is in the Westhampton area and looking for some help getting it to south jersey or at least jersey. Let me know if anyone will be heading through that area and heading south. or the guy may be in in NYC over the weekend
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    Christenson Glider 9’9”

    Go for it Cuda, I can't get up there for a while. Cool looking board
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    Christenson Glider 9’9”

    Not sure if you know what DM. But check the envelop at top of page
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    Longboard finds - not deals

    Calling Michael!!!
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    Any Bing experts?

    As I mentioned I am not a Bing expert, just love the history and boards, but I know who is and that's Bing himself. He just sent this to me: Looks legit to me as well. Not sure about the orange gloss coat. I'm pretty sure that's not original. And as Tom said, the first ghost lam I did was on...
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    My Second Bone Marrow Transplant

    best wishes Howard
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    Any Bing experts?

    I am not a Bing authority, but the ghost lam was started by Matt from what I know so I dont know if its a Bing unless of course Matt didnt start the ghost lam, but the "ghost lam project" and I dont think they would do that cut out around the serial # From Bing: GHOST LAM PROJECT "I started...
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    Flip away Dave
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    Hobie Gliders

    Ride report when you get it out.
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    Hobie Gliders

    I was just looking at them and with reasonable shipping ($158 for 2 boards) to east coast I was about to pull trigger, but ended grabbing another board semi-local. I also heard quality is really good. The encore was the one I was going to get in the 10’6.
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    Brooklyn to Jersey/South Jersey

    DM'ing you
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    Brooklyn to Jersey/South Jersey

    Anyone heading through Brooklyn to Jersey or South Jersey. I bought a board from Sightpoint and hope to get some help moving it south. It's a 9'8". If not let me know if you need anything moved and I will make the trek up there in the next couple of weeks.
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    Longboard finds - not deals ALMOND SURFBOARD 9' 4" Surf Thump model - $1,100 Not a deal, but a good looking board and cheaper than new
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    Used board market discussion

    The old supply vs demand in conjunction with demand vs quantity of supply. Simple economics, right :rolleyes:
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    Harbour Banana 10' - Sold

    Bump for the new guy! Beautiful board.