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  1. this_strange_wave

    LTB JPNR, would love the one in the photo. Sold at Glide

    Let us know if you score—I love Jim’s work!
  2. this_strange_wave

    LTB JPNR, would love the one in the photo. Sold at Glide

    Not too long ago, I thought I saw something from Glide Surf Co. that said they’d be getting more of Phillips’ boards in stock. It might be worth reaching out to them!
  3. this_strange_wave

    FYI Cleanline Surf Sale

    FYI, Cleanline Surf is having a pretty solid sale on gear right now, 20% off. There're a lot of good fins for sale—get 'em while they're hot!
  4. this_strange_wave

    FOUND - WTB Greenough 4-A 9.75”

    I appreciate that but I’m holding out for the original Greenough—thank you!
  5. this_strange_wave

    FOUND - WTB Greenough 4-A 9.75”

    Is anyone holding a Greenough 4-A, sized 9.75” in black, and looking to sell? I’m your guy—send me a message!
  6. this_strange_wave

    Longboarder Magazine - new start up.....

    It appears the first issue just went to print and is now shipping. I’d be curious to hear if any of you have your hands on it yet, and what your first impressions are. Is it worth the cost? It looks like a nice magazine.
  7. this_strange_wave

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    I’ll be in the area on Tuesday, if anyone needs an assist!
  8. this_strange_wave

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    That’s a beauty but I wonder why there’s no pictures of the deck.
  9. this_strange_wave

    Longboard finds - not deals

    I believe this one just made fame in the “Dudes Smoking Crack Selling Surfboards” thread, and rightly so, perhaps. That Pusher is a real beauty, on the other hand!
  10. this_strange_wave

    Want: Stylist, Pocketknife SPEED, or Mistven Modern Classic

    We could all use a little slime in our quiver, you know? It helps with the glide.
  11. this_strange_wave

    FS: 10.6 Mitsven Eagle Sold

    This is on the wrong coast—otherwise, I’d be on it in a heartbeat. Someone’s going to score!
  12. this_strange_wave

    SOLD - FS 7’10” Josh Peterson Custom

    Friday bump—I have a new board incoming so I’m looking to move this one!
  13. this_strange_wave

    Sub 8 foot small wave board - what's your fav?

    Michael Arenal's Microglide boards are worth a look. They're designed for small waves, and can be a lot of fun as an alternative to a longboard in smaller, gutless conditions:
  14. this_strange_wave

    East coast board train thread

    Looks like I just missed @Bigyummm but I have a board in the Providence, Rhode Island area that needs an assist to New York City, where I can pick it up. I'm flexible about meeting somewhere along the way. Reach out and message me if you can help—thank you!
  15. this_strange_wave

    Long C-Bucket

    Ah, yes, this is precisely what started me down this rabbit hole in the first place!
  16. this_strange_wave

    Long C-Bucket

    I’m taking notes here, I appreciate all of the recs!
  17. this_strange_wave

    Long C-Bucket

    This is really helpful, I appreciate the information! Unfortunately, short to mid-period wind swell is the name of the game here in New York. I’m looking to add something to the quiver with a ton of glide and trim for days when I don’t feel like riding my log but still want a longer-ish board...
  18. this_strange_wave

    Long C-Bucket

    Some of the older models certainly look it. The newer Chris Craft has a square tail, though.
  19. this_strange_wave

    Long C-Bucket

    Does anyone out there have experience with longer sizes of Chris Christenson’s C-Bucket, perhaps around the 9’0” range? I’m curious how they perform and ride at that length given that they’re supposed to be glider-esque.
  20. this_strange_wave

    Possible San Onofre surf trip

    Like others have said, anytime of the year is a good time of the year to surf Sano. It’s a magical place, truly. Get there early, bring a log, and enjoy everything it has to offer. Doho is worth a look, too, but recent storms have really shifted the rocks and sandbars around there. When it...