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    Anyone have "Elevate" truck racks?

    I’ll be attaching these to the rails on a Retrax bed cover which is also a first for me. I’m sure I’ll be the one who has the rack ripped off by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge crosswinds.
  2. J

    Anyone have "Elevate" truck racks?

    Hey all, wondering if anyone has the Elevate truck bed racks. I'm between those and Yakima Overhaul HD. The elevate racks are substantially less expensive so I'm wondering how they hold up. Elevate: Yakima Thanks
  3. J

    SOLD NVS Nub $10 + 5 shipping

    I'll take it!
  4. J

    Brom Fish will soon be mine….

    Nice board. What are the dims?
  5. J

    FS: Album Moonstone 7'0

    Nice board. These look super fun. Wish I lived in SD. But I gotta say, the most impressive part of that ad is your keyword list. Might be the best I’ve ever seen
  6. J

    Bonzers in board bags

    Do you put the foam blocks over the fins or on either side of the fins? Probably easier with a B3 as opposed to a B5
  7. J

    Christenson Wolvarine

    Agree 100%..... fin boxes are way forward on that board. I'd try ENs or something with some rake to settle it down.
  8. J

    Fastest board you’ve ever ridden

    @Twinfindestroyer -which fin do you like in your lane splitter?
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    What are you seeing with the pace of board sales in your neck of the woods?

    I can say that the used board market in the mid atlantic has undoubtedly slowed. During covid the used board market went crazy and so did the prices. Now the prices are still a little higher on used boards but except for the ultra desirable boards or super deals, boards aren't selling. I've...
  10. J

    FS: FINS

    I'll take the NVS HP keels
  11. J

    Terry Senate in hospital

    Anyone have an update on Terrys condition?
  12. J

    Custom order a used board on JB

    This is 100% true but it works. Not only has it worked for me, but I've also had forum members who know that I am looking for a particular board or fins, reach out to me via DM to let me know that they came across a used board/fins near them that might interest me. And I've done the same for...
  13. J


    I’m shocked this hasn’t sold. Has the used board market slowed?
  14. J

    For Sale - Fins All Sold Thanks Everyone

    I’ll take the AM keels
  15. J

    Looking for a CC Long Phish in NJ

    its such a blade. you will not be disappointed. but for my fat ass and it being 2.5, it would be in my house.
  16. J

    Looking for a CC Long Phish in NJ

    So, this was posted here. Not sure if its still for sale. This would be perfect.
  17. J


    Hahaha! Well done!
  18. J

    Beach House Nj Fall Boardswap - Sunday October 2nd

    Anyone bringing a christenson long fish?
  19. J

    FS 6'6" Christenson Long Phish

    Im considering.....and I'll be in NY this weekend. Meant to be?