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    7’7” Hull

    I think the guy who made this is same guy who did some glassing of a board in my backyard mission st santa cruz maybe like 5 6 or 7 years ago. When he'd go out here only person I've seen who can surf a hull decent. Zack? or Zach had an FJ rips
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    Longboard finds - not deals

    This is a great shape by Travis and he surfs this shape around here often. The stomp pad and fin have had me laughing at this for a while though.
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    Maggot flies west

    He got one thing right that it seems like half of the people in SC now don't understand... regardless of how skilled they are at dancing on an aircraft carrier board. If you're on a longboard, "don't surf over there." For that, this kook gets my stamp of approval
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    Santa Cruz jammers - wetsuit stolen

    Where in town Check play it again sports too
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    Any chance I could persuade you to part with the twinzer set.
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    Looking for FCS 1 twinzer/quad set

    (fcs 2 tab style) if that was not apparent
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    Looking for FCS 1 twinzer/quad set

    Thought I had a set already, left with a fried, he lost them. Located in Santa Cruz area. Bonus points if LM-T set.
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    The (No Longer) Secret World of Surf Spots

    As a public school teacher in an area with a lot of different waves, I get months off a year to surf the more random spots. I pretty much don’t tell anyone about where I go or when I go when it’s out of town. If you are dialed, you’re dialed, and if you’re not, you never leave town and that’s...
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    Fastest board you’ve ever ridden

    Felt pretty quick in a cove north of Santa Cruz on a board pendo made for me specifically for that wave. 5’9 fish. Also gotta say I don’t ascribe to the boards that “feel” fast because I don’t feel like spending 1k to go straight
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    CJ Nelson on Localism--Mic Drop

    Dudes got a grift no doubt and has burned some legit shapers.. yet has a point about respect for sure. He surfs well yeah. But. Pretty funny imo as he was one of the people who popularized longboarders moving towards first peak at Santa Cruz instead of staying in the 2nd zone.. if you live...
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    8'0" Mitsven choptail mini glider, 6'0" Pendo'd Mandala Stubbie hull, 5'9" Mandala quad fish

    If you haven’t sold the quad fish I’ll grab it. Messaged
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    6'0'' Wilderness Stubbie & 6'8'' Beamish Kingfisher

    Interested in the wilderness is it a thick boy throughout? I’m in central cal but can figure it out.
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    Any insights on Davenport Ordering

    I got a davenport made for me last year after riding a friends and seeing the quality of build. I’m pretty picky with what I ride and quick to unload duds... he did a take on a vintage rider that works even better than the original, and is so beautiful it’s the only board that is stored inside...
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    Longboard finds - not deals

    Guy posted a boat that I respectfully feel is overpriced. Sorry I should only be talking about 8 something andreini vaqueros on this website huh
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    Longboard finds - not deals

    4k for a cal 20.. dudes high. My parents had a few completely keel off rebuilt in our driveway and ‘raced’ em… I got one in hs I spent 100 bucks on and used as a treehouse in the boatyard on its trailer until the club manager got on my ass. Another thread I guess.
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    SOLD FS/FT: 5'4" Brom Fish

    If I wasn't picking up a new custom next week this would be on my radar for sure good luck. rad board
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    Dudes smoking crack selling surfboards
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    J Toots v. WSL

    I've smoked more than my fair share of weed. But I think once you get past the age of I dunno 16 it is better suited as a side-dish to life, not the main course. Probably not the focus of the whole dining experience
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    What board have you got coming..?

    Yeah talked to him last weekend about some waves he’s been getting. My board is in this batch. It’s my understanding he had a few difficult boards to complete for Japan with abnormal resin work. For just one guy doing it, he’s amazing. And still getting tubes weekly.