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  1. bharms

    FS 5'11 Pavel - SOLD

    This thing is mental. So good!!!
  2. bharms

    Christenson Lane Splitter Varial SOLD

    This is such a deal - wish it were on my coast, I'd be all over it. GLWS!
  3. bharms

    [Traded] 7'6 JH Panacea Egg $900 (SD)

    Update: ended up trading with another member for a great JH fish. Thanks all!
  4. bharms

    WTB - 11'2" Destination Glider Day Bag

    I'd still appreciate a rocker shot, if possible.
  5. bharms

    FS - 8’5” Ryan Burch EZ

    I've been lucky enough to get this one under my feet for a couple waves - it works great. Tons of paddle, super stable, but easy to get it moving rail to rail. High quality board, high quality seller.
  6. bharms

    For Sale: 10'6" Michael Miller Eagle

    Yewwww! That's a good one.
  7. bharms

    [Traded] 7'6 JH Panacea Egg $900 (SD)

    7'6 Josh Hall Panacea Egg for sale dims: 7'6 x 21 3/4 x 3 Futures quad set up light maroon / tan resin tint located in San Diego asking $900 Condition is 9.5 / 10 - very minor pressures on deck, no dings, no repairs Board really goes great in everything - true utility board. Paddles really...
  8. bharms

    FS Josh Hall 7' Long Fish Simmons Quad

    This looks like his Piseas model by the dims and outline. Beautiful board - I may be interested - but would need to figure out a board to let go. I'll shoot you a PM
  9. bharms

    New Board - 10' MM Eagle

    So stoked on how this came out - Michael is really a master. Dims are 10' x 23 x 3 1/4 I've been lucky to surf quite a few of his boards through my friends and I've yet to get on one that doesn't feel special. I have an 8'8 Drifter also from Michael - also a great board. But this shape at...
  10. bharms

    FS: 5'10 Machado Glazer (PU) $450

    Machado Glazer for sale PU construction from Machado surfboards (not the Firewire version) Dims: 5'10 x 20 3/4 x 2 3/4 This is about an inch narrower than the off-the-rack Firewire version at this same length. FCS boxes Great condition - minor pressures on the deck and a small pro-fix ding...
  11. bharms

    SOLD: 10'1 Long Fish (Dominic Picone - from G&S)

    Here are a couple more pics - also going to post on CL and OfferUp later today.
  12. bharms

    Looking for Big Boy board

    I'm selling this 10'1 Picone that's pretty beefy - super fun board, awesome condition. Located in SD.
  13. bharms

    [SOLD]11'1 Glider (Dominic Picone)

    Stoked the board is going to a great new home. Thanks all for the engaement and help!
  14. bharms

    [SOLD]11'1 Glider (Dominic Picone)

    Sale Pending -(@Tenfooter)
  15. bharms

    [SOLD]11'1 Glider (Dominic Picone)

    This is one of a couple boards I'm selling to make room for a new MM on the way 11'1 x 22 5/8 x 3 1/4 T band stringer, resin loop leash attachment, knee patch Sanded finish - pretty rad spray by Tom Curtis on the bottom This was also one of Dominic's personals (similar to the Long Fish that's...
  16. bharms

    SOLD: 10'1 Long Fish (Dominic Picone - from G&S)

    I have a new MM on the way, so need to make some room at this end of the quiver. Dims: 10'1 x 23' 1/2 x 3' 1/4 Long Fish Wedge Stringer, Knee patch, single fin box with FCS side boxes Light green resin tint, sanded finish No leash attachment This was Dominic's personal before I bought it - I'm...