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  1. pilau

    Gene and Lance have begun making V-bottoms

    Big Al on Genes personal.
  2. pilau

    Gene and Lance have begun making V-bottoms

    Yup. Gene is a true believer in the v bottom. I’ve had three from him over the past 15 years or so. These have been ridden and refined by Gene over many many years. Not a fad or a gimmick. He told me what the deal was a while ago. Pretty sure is Lance’s nose. Maybe his rails? I may have mentoned...
  3. pilau

    Skip Frye - What's all the fuss about?

    Went with the magic. Lives up to its name every time I ride it. Happy brainwash victim.
  4. pilau

    da kine sale...

    Company named “da kine” that excludes HI from its promo...
  5. pilau

    Skip Frye - What's all the fuss about?

    Thanks for the diversion gents. Inspired my choice of board for today’s endeavors. I’ll be on my Mitsven Magic this fine day. Or maybe my Larmo twinzer... lol
  6. pilau

    Where is Joe Aaron now.

    Watch that video that veterano posted. What’s not to like? I don’t know him. I met him once and he was friendly enough.
  7. pilau

    What Were We All Doing Before Surfing...

    Skateboarding. That was my first deal. Uncle gave me one when I was 6. Immediately addicted.
  8. pilau

    women's duct tape on

    The women’s final should be sick. Both the local girls still in it! Kelis and Honolua. Kelis is just a kid. Good for her. She rides boards from Josh Hall. Flipped through the gallery. There’s a sick shot of worm on a steeper one. Close to the end of the gallery there’s an interesting board...
  9. pilau

    Looking to buy used or new Tyler Hatzikian surfboard models

    As in Kai Garcia? I’ll email...
  10. pilau

    self shape

  11. pilau

    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    The dominance of the 6’9” fish!
  12. pilau

    Things aren't like they used to be

    Those dial lockboxes are useless where I surf. Chronics crack them in seconds. If a dial lockbox keeps you safe, count your blessing. That’s just the way it is these days.
  13. pilau

    Anything Fishy

    On the right wave... Mabile twinzer is one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve ever had in surfing
  14. pilau

    Tudor Egg?

    This is quietly the best thread on this site in a LONG time
  15. pilau

    FS: 10' Tyler Craftsman Sleek Zeke

    Someone buy this. I know... lotta nose rocker. I have one. A 10ft craftsman. A really really great rider. A perfect 10ft board to me.
  16. pilau

    Gene and Lance have begun making V-bottoms

    Gene is a v bottom guy. This is not new. Davenport is a nice guy from my brief interaction with him. He seems to be a well respected glasser. Tyler etc. Lance CARSON. His reputation stands on its own merit. I don’t care about the laminate. If gene is pumped on a new v bottom. I’m in...
  17. pilau

    Gene and Lance have begun making V-bottoms

    I have coopers v’s. I’ve been a true believer for a while. I had a Fowler. Nowhere near the same. Sold. All you chuckleheads with the Collins remarks... it was a brain fart. I’m typing on my phone. Beat it kook. Or continue to masturbate in public online. Whatever’s.
  18. pilau

    Gene and Lance have begun making V-bottoms

    Dang! That’s actually the second time I made that same typo. Did once in a text to a buddy. I think you guys get the point tho... take it ez
  19. pilau

    Gene and Lance have begun making V-bottoms

    Gene is a fine craftsman who seems to share an affinity and admiritation for Lane Collins. Gene is a well known true believer in the v bottomed surfing board. If he draws some inspiration from Lance and likewise Lance from Gene to arrive at a lovely vbottomed board ... place me as close to the...
  20. pilau

    Just Board Pics

    You’re gonna LOVE that larmo twinzer. I just picked up this 7’10” Mitsven magic. Miller glassed. White tint.