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  1. Eh_frame

    What’s the Appeal of Boards Like Crime?

    Here’s my take… when I hit the beach with the kids, I usually bring a foamie to grab a few waves. I don’t really like the idea of dragging around a nice poly board and leaving it in the sun all day. That said I’ve been riding one of those Catch boards but I’m now getting interested in one of...
  2. Eh_frame


    Did you check out shops that stock Bing on the east coast? I was in Heritage Surf Shop in Ocean City NJ a few months ago and they had a bunch of nice new Levitators. Might be worth checking there or other shops. And yeah, the PTLW 2 looks awesome.
  3. Eh_frame

    7'0 CJ Outlier with multiple fins $650 SOLD

    I have the same board. I think it’s a great travel board for a bigger dude. Nice wave range cause it grovels really well. Plenty of float in a condensed package.
  4. Eh_frame

    New Board Stoke Thread

    That’s a great looking board. I’ve got a longboard and a cutlass from John. Both great boards.
  5. Eh_frame

    Wave pool in Jackson, NJ

    Keep us posted on the deets
  6. Eh_frame

    Palm Beach, FL surf

    Thanks good tips!
  7. Eh_frame

    Palm Beach, FL surf

    Hey y’all, I’m going to be in Palm Beach county this weekend (Delray Beach). I’m with my wife and young kids — wasn’t planning as a surf trip but looks like there could be a wave on Sunday. I have two questions and feel free to DM me if you don’t want to get specific on here. 1) Do I need to...
  8. Eh_frame

    Lovelace FM Thoughts

    I’ve been using a 7.75 vBowls. Really like that set up. Started with an 8.5 skip but found less fin is even better.
  9. Eh_frame

    Lovelace FM Thoughts

    Anybody ride the 8-1 yet? Looks intriguing to me since I already have a 9-7 Haley.
  10. Eh_frame

    WTT Apple Watch Ultra for nice Log in NJ

    There’s not a huge benefit to surfing with one versus any other watch. I just like the Apple Watch in general and it holds up well surfing. I use the Surfline app sometimes. If you surf in front of a camera, which I have done a couple in times in San Diego, you do actually get video of...
  11. Eh_frame

    WTT Apple Watch Ultra for nice Log in NJ

    Ultra watch is awesome. I surf with mine regularly. It’s a tank.
  12. Eh_frame

    The Yin & Yang of Gerry Lopez (now streaming)

    Hence the Yin and Yang!
  13. Eh_frame

    What fin are you running in your glider?

    I have been using a 7.75 vBowls in my 9-7 Haley Pin and really like it. Liked it more than the Skip fin I previously used. Little shorter board than traditional glider length though.
  14. Eh_frame

    New Board Stoke Thread

    First session today on this new 9-10 G&S Classic Noserider in cold, head high, not quite clean surf. Not the conditions I had in mind for this board, but fun nonetheless!
  15. Eh_frame

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals Thread 2022

    Just bought a Patagonia Wetsuit for 20% off from Real Water Sports. I don’t recall seeing them on sale ever really. Although it appears lots of folks here haven’t seen good results with their suits, they‘ve always served me well.
  16. Eh_frame

    PSA on Traveling with Longboards

    This thread is just motivating me to become more competent riding smaller boards
  17. Eh_frame

    Black Rose Mfg. who has tried them?

    Awesome info here thanks a lot. Anybody happen to have a pic of the tail end of a square tail FS? @RobG814? Just curious if there is some edge in the tail?
  18. Eh_frame

    Black Rose Mfg. who has tried them?

    Looking at a fine swine as an NJ noserider. Anybody got experience with one?
  19. Eh_frame

    surfing in Cleveland

    I imagine the best part of surfing the Great Lakes is that if you get thirsty - just drink some lake water
  20. Eh_frame

    Flowmaster question and Long Haley Pin discussion.

    Since this somehow turned into a long Haley Pin thread… love my 9-7 HP. Most recently I’ve been running it with a 7.75” vBowls fin which is working really well. Does great in small surf but I also love it in bigger surf. Had some really memorable days in head/slightly OH surf last winter...

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