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  1. ben714

    Yater spoon roll - is it me or the board?

    Echoing other people’s opinions/sentiments… A while back I picked up a Spoon copy, generous roll to the bottom, and was having a similar issue: when leaning on a rail and trying to turn it from mid-board it just wanted to tip over, and it felt like I really had drag it through turns (this was...
  2. ben714

    Board storage in tight spaces

    I have beams running across the ceiling of my living room and I stash my bigger boards up there
  3. ben714


    excuse my ignorance, I'm not that familiar with Pendo'd boards... I was operating under the assumption that the modification was done as like a wax alternative, and usually to save delam'ed boards, but it also adds flex and changes the ride characteristics?
  4. ben714

    *SOLD* Klaus Jones Dirt 6’10” - $250

    The trip itself was alright, but the surf wasn’t great. The salt in the wound was the fact that I apparently booked my trip during the greatest run of west coast swell of my lifetime. Regardless of what the surf is like, expect it to be crowded with thousands of Euros.
  5. ben714

    Jim Phillips Surfboards Hawaii AAA

    The only other details I can specifically remember is that I took it down to Mexico, surfed a point break for a couple days and got it “dialed”. Because the rolled bottom all the way through the tail it wasn’t the best turning board, but if you surf a board enough you can figure it out. But I...
  6. ben714

    Jim Phillips Surfboards Hawaii AAA

    It had a decent amount of step in the deck, but I didn’t feel any noticeable flex. I’ve owned a handful of stepdecks and the only one I *might* have felt flex on is a Boss.
  7. ben714

    *SOLD* Klaus Jones Dirt 6’10” - $250

    6’10” Dirt model. You know the deal; rolled bottom, very foiled, pinched rails… Awesome board. The only reason I’m selling it (and that I bought it in the first place) is because I have the same board in the same size, I just picked this one up to take on a trip to Morocco… The board is...
  8. ben714

    Jim Phillips Surfboards Hawaii AAA

    I’ve owned an original Model A and AAA. Besides the obvious outline difference (square tail vs. pintail), the AAA felt a little more refined, and I prefer pintails so I preferred the AAA. The concave under the nose was more like a well defined flat area (I ended up copying this idea of a...
  9. ben714

    FT 8’ Morning Star w/ Wave Set

    I scanned this out of a Surfer magazine, but I don’t think I have the issue anymore so I can’t tell you the exact date.
  10. ben714

    FS: 8.5” and 8” volan flex fins-PERFORMANCE

    Got mine yesterday. Haven’t gotten a chance to use it, but I can say it looks great
  11. ben714

    Adding side bites to my wildcat

    For the sake of keeping the thread going because of my own interest (and adding to your confusion) here are 2 more of my boards with side bites for you to consider. 7’10” Liddle HawaiiKine. Vertical, parallel freestyle boxes. 6’3” Fineline MP, fcs plugs angled and toed in.
  12. ben714

    Adding side bites to my wildcat

    I just went through a similar situation so I’ll offer my 2 cents (I also made a thread asking for info about adding sidebites to my Siglo, there was a small amount of useful info there…): I just added single tab sidebites to my 6’6” Siglo; parallel with stringer, completely vertical. I’ve only...
  13. ben714


    My ‘66 Sears Bluebadge. Not as trail-worthy as some of the other rides posted, but still fun.
  14. ben714

    Klaus Jones Siglo question

    This is good info. Thanks
  15. ben714

    Klaus Jones Siglo question

    I have a 6’6” Siglo that I really like, but I’ve also wondered how it would be with side-bites and considered adding them… Does he make them with side-bites, and does anyone have one? If so, do you like them and how are they positioned?
  16. ben714

    Traded: 7’2” Andreini Vaquero

    *Located in Long Beach, CA* **only interested in potential trades** 7’2”, very good condition. Has some pressures on the deck, but it’s never been dinged and the bottom is perfect. I ordered this board a little over 2 years ago and picked it up from AquaTech around Oct/Nov 2020, ridden it...
  17. ben714

    Review: Anderson - Bojorquez

    Likely, definitely felt better with more face and push to work with. But guys like me gotta take what we can get; beggars can’t be choosers.
  18. ben714

    Review: Anderson - Bojorquez

    And just for fun, here’s some video of both boards being used on my recent trip

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