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    WTB fin for Zeph Isis

    Looking for an original fin for my 9’3 Bing (Zeph) Isis. Messaged with Zeph Carrig about a fin for my board and he told me in the past there was a fin made by RFC specially for the Isis. So if you got one for sale and wanna send it over to the netherlands i am really interested!
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    New Board Stoke Thread

    Finally going to pick up a new to me 9’3 Bing (zeph) Isis this weekend. If someone got an original Isis fin for sale please let me know!! According to Zeph and other jammers a Tyler Warren pivot fin would be a good subsistute . If i can’t find an original isis fin a used TW fin is also welcome...
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    F/S/T 8'8" Wegener Single fin, Duo. Orange County

    Please tell us a bit more how the duo surfs and what fins you are using as a duo setup?
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    User-Friendly or Favorite Board for Noseriding?

    How user-friendly is the Zeph/Bing Isis?
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    Been Driving all night, my hands wet on the wheel....

    The song is called “Radar love” from the dutch band “Golden Earring”. I’ve seen them several times. It’s a pity they had to stop cause their guitarist George Kooijmans got sick and isn’t able to play anymore….
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    What to ride during really blown out choppy days?

    Not a surftech or other light board. I prefer a heavier glassed board. Size of the board depends on the kind of waves.
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    Favorite surf break name?

    Boobies in the UK and playa de los locos in spain!!
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    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    Hee Driftwood, looks like the same place i was surfing this morning and noon. I really enjoyed today. Was out on my red campbell bonzer egg! Had a few very long and fast rides. Was a good last session in Lacanau-ocean!! Tomorrow back too pays bas….
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    Stu Kenson Stumpy

    Has anyone tried the Stu Kenson Stumpy model? Can’t find much on internet besides the description “it’s a fat little longboard killer and can be ridden as a single or 2+1”. Would be great to get some riders input!
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    What's your quiver philosophy?

    I don’t have a real quiver philosophy. I’ve got a few boards made for me by Matt Calvani and Geoff McCoy and these boards are stayers. Other boards I buy if I like to try them or if they look interesting. If i like it the board it stays in the quiver. if i don’t like it i prefer to swap for...
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    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    My last few days in France, Lacanau-ocean from a 2 week surftrip. It’s been very good and yesterday was just perfect. Took out my 8’3 Zeph Indy mini and for me it was just the right board for me! Today a bit onshore wind but tomorrow could be great again!!
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    FS- 6'4 Pendo quad fish

    Thanks for the quick reply!! Really appreciated! The 5’11 also comes with 101 fins. Have you tried other fins as well?
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    FS- 6'4 Pendo quad fish

    Hi HMRKS, There is a 5’11 x 22 x 2 3/4 EPS pendo quad for sale here in the netherlands. Very nice looking board but i am not familiar with this type of boards. Could you tell me a bit more about how they go in smaller mussier waves, how they differ from a “normal” board and maybe how to size...
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    Surfing Europe in November?

    The south of portugal near Sagres can be a good option with a big swell window and good weather. The Basque Country (Biarritz) is really nice with good longboard waves but can be hit or mis with weather and waves (just booked a week there in october). I really dig Fuerteventura. Weather seems...
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    The One That Got Away

    Buying back my old tudor diamond tail egg and a jacobs 211 i just missed…
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    Ireland surf trip suggestions?

    I’ve been to Bundoran, Donegal and Lahinch a few years back. Really like to go back again (and not only for surfing!!) I like Bundoran the most!! Good and different waves in the area, nice little town and good atmosphere. Lahinch and Donegal also great to visit but we were a bit unlucky with...
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    Dream Additions

    I love my 6’2 Bing twin fin but really curious how a long fish would work in less then perfect waves. Would love to add one to my quiver and give it a go!!
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    Looking for feedback on Campbell Bros MBLV

    Thanks Shawnzee and Macaster for the helpfull info!! I gonna try if i can work out the boardswap and just give the MBLV a try!!
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    Looking for feedback on Campbell Bros MBLV

    Can anyone help me sizing a MBLV? I got a mini b5 and it’s 5’11 x 22 x 3 1/8 and it surfs great! Maybe a tad too much volume but i like it in the less powerfull smaller waves we have in the Netherlands. I am about 86 kg and 1.81 m tall ( 190 pds, 5’11) and an average surfer. I’ve always wanted...
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    What is the perfect travel board?

    Can’t take any pics right now cause i am not at home at the moment. If you have a look at the website of McCoys surfboards you‘ll see how its done. Good luck and have a safe trip!!

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