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  1. Jonesy17

    Anyone hauling a longboard inside a Tesla Model 3?

    I have a Chrysler Pacifica Plug In Hybrid van. Not full electric but you can get 30 to 38 miles pure electric before the hybrids system kicks in with the engine. You can fold back rear seats into floor of van the rear passenger and passenger seat lay almost flat so I can get my 12 foot glider...
  2. Jonesy17

    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    7'4 V Bowls - $1000
  3. Jonesy17

    Booties Hood Fins

    Prices lowered and deleted the photos of a few items that sold.
  4. Jonesy17

    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal) Good price on a good board over 10'
  5. Jonesy17

    Booties Hood Fins

    A few items for sale SOLD10'8 x 26 Curve Board Bag - bare bones basic model 3mm foam. SOLD 9'4 FCS Travel Single Board Bag R3 Patagonia Hood (Sz XL). Worn in water once excellent condition. $30 (Pickup) $40 (Shipped) R5 Patagonia Round Toe Booties (Sz 11) - Worn three times excellent...
  6. Jonesy17

    New Board Stoke Thread

    That looks and sounds awesome. Interested to hear how it goes. Just got word my two boards will be ready in a few weeks. 10' Trimmer and 9'4 custom based off The Gateway with 4+1 setup for options
  7. Jonesy17

    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal) Posted 1 hour ago (so roughly noon pst 12.06.22). Looks like a nice one. Wish I had the extra cash. Someone grab it and then sell it to me when you are done with it :)
  8. Jonesy17

    9' Fowler V8

    Tentative deal in the works. To answer your question 6’2 220
  9. Jonesy17

    9' Fowler V8

    Still for sale, still need to raise some cash. I know it’s a unique one, but if anyone is interested make me offer. Now just comes with just the controller quads and thermotech quads. Thanks
  10. Jonesy17

    For Sale - Fins All Sold Thanks Everyone

    I’ll take the NVS Fascination Quads.
  11. Jonesy17

    9' Fowler V8

    No not yet…still for sale with the fins. Still need to raise some cash.
  12. Jonesy17

    Bruce Fowler V8 Lean Machine

    Unfortunately the past 48 hours of life haven't been kind to me. Shit happens. I need to raise cash to pay some unexpected bills. I have to sell this beauty. No disrespect to Bruce or the stellar board. Just have to be an adult and move out some toys to raise cash. Hopefully down the line I...
  13. Jonesy17

    9' Fowler V8

    Some unexpected bills have hit me and I need cash. Almost brand new Fowler V8 - 9' x 25 x 3 1/2 $Make An Offer$ Iso Resin / S Cloth / Balsa Stringer Just picked it up this past Sunday and have surfed it a couple times A total blast and loved it, but shit happens and I have bills to pay A big...
  14. Jonesy17

    Andreini Stoke

    Great looking board. Congrats. Do you go Epoxy for toughness, a lighter board, or perhaps both? I'm thinking of getting an epoxy custom, mainly to get a stronger deck that will not pressure dent under my heavy feet, but am afraid of a board that maybe to light (have that corky bounce feel)...
  15. Jonesy17

    Sold- Surftech (orig construction) Prince Kuhio

    If it is same board, so disappointing. I really wanted to surf that board.
  16. Jonesy17

    WTB - Used ~8'6 - 9' Bag in LA Area

    If you are still interested when you arrive, send me a message and if it works out on my end I can head up and deliver the bag for $40.
  17. Jonesy17

    WTB - Used ~8'6 - 9' Bag in LA Area This is mine. A little bigger than what you asked for, but can be had for $30 if you want to drive to Huntington Beach and pick it up.
  18. Jonesy17

    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    If you want to head out to Temecula seems like a pretty good deal. I inquired about this, but decided to pass. Seller offered to let it go for $300, was tempted but still passed.
  19. Jonesy17

    Sold: Baby Vee, Vaquero

    Really want to buy the Baby Vee. Anyone heading from North CA to South CA that could transport. Can help with gas and food for your journey. Thanks - Mike
  20. Jonesy17

    WTB: Furrow Floyd Pepper 5’11-6’2

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