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  1. aboutadog


    This was my sled back in the day. It's so sick. Foiled thin. Great for lighter surfers.
  2. aboutadog

    SOLD: Josh Hall Piseas Quad Fish 7’

    Seven feet of pure joy. Glass on bamboo fins. Mint condition. $900 for jammers. No trades. Located in LA. Someone snatch this up before I change my mind.
  3. aboutadog

    *SOLD* 7'6" Campbell Brothers E-wing Bonzer 5

    So sick. Someone's gonna score.
  4. aboutadog

    PHD Fin

    Rad. I have a 9.5 Gato T fin. Greenoughs in a variety of sizes. A Nat Young TA. What are you looking for?
  5. aboutadog

    PHD Fin

    Looking for a 9" PHD fin I have a bunch of fins to offer in trade. Holler.
  6. aboutadog

    TRADED: CB Speed Egg 6'10

    Thanks for your interest.
  7. aboutadog

    TRADED: CB Speed Egg 6'10

    I'm looking to trade for a single fin in the 7'4 - 8'4 range or a quad egg in the 6'8 - 7'2 range by an equally epic shaper. If you're interested in a straight sale PM me and maybe we can work out a deal. Board is in SoCal. Local meet up only. Peace.
  8. aboutadog

    FS: Trimcraft Re.Bowls 7’6 (SoCal)

    Back up for grabs. Someone snag this.
  9. aboutadog

    FS: Trimcraft Re.Bowls 7’6 (SoCal)

    Withdrawn. Have fun out there.