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    Heading to Wales for work... what boards am I packing?

    Hi gents, thanks for the helpful replies and pm's. Very much appreciated! I think I'm pretty much sorted (I have an Irish mom, I think she used to say this). Getting to explore a new coastline will be true joy. I will bring my 45 year old B-game and a good 4/3. Besides surfing, I will equally be...
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    Heading to Wales for work... what boards am I packing?

    I'll be staying in Cardiff for the entire month of November. I've never been to Wales and have yet to surf in the UK. I'm planning on renting a car for the entire time so I can roam. What boards am I packing? Virgin Atlantic looks like they have a limit on length of board (sub 6'2 or...
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    Mind on Mandala and Mandala on My Mind

    Very tempted by an asq/superchunk as a new groveler for east coast slop. @dingdong do you like yours at thigh to waist high?
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    WTB - Gary Hanel Pill

    Looking for a Hanel Pill 5'2-5'4. I miss my old one. I'm on the east coast. Thanks.
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    FS - 6'6 Campbell Brothers Speed Egg

    6'6 x 20 3/4 x 2 5/8. Picked up during current work trip in SoCal, second owner. I have a custom that just finished and overlaps. Some pressures on deck, small repaired ding. Otherwise clean and pretty. I paid $775. Asking $675 for Jammers w/fin. Located in LA. Heading down to North County SD...
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    WTB - smaller size Speed Dialer

    Thanks applebutter. Good find... I stopped by Board Source today to check out the DK. Didn't end up buying but truly enjoyed chatting with the guys in the shop. Nice experience.
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    WTB - smaller size Speed Dialer

    A beauty! Will check this out tomorrow. Looks like his Swordfish is a slightly tuned up Speed Dialer.
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    WTB - smaller size Speed Dialer

    Thanks JVRI. My title is confusing, looking for board not fins. I have some cutaway Speed Dialer fins that go so good.
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    WTB - smaller size Speed Dialer

    Definitely an option if a used one doesn't surface.
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    WTB - smaller size Speed Dialer

    Yeah I saw that 5'2 in person at Mitch's. Felt real small. They had a 5'4 that was around for a while but I slept on it, hoping I'd be out in SoCal to buy in person, and it sold.
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    WTB - smaller size Speed Dialer

    I'm on the hunt for a 5'4 or 5'5 Quan or similar template. 5'6 maybe though I am a meager man. Currently in SoCal for work. Thanks all.
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    6'0" Arenal winged pin

    Hey Ronald, assuming this got sold?