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    Wetsuit cleaner for stale pee smell?

    Mouth wash works. Or soap, then vinegar, then fresh water
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    Michael Miller Keel Fish 5'10''

    Just going to circle back to this review a year or more later. I've added at least another 100+ sessions on it and it has only got better and continues to impress me. I've basically changed to a 2 board quiver guy over the last year. This Fish and a longboard. In the past I'd always have 2-3...
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    Post Your Quiver

    Active quiver: 5’10” GH diet pill 5’10” Michael Miller Fish 6’3” … Lost round up 9’2” Junod Nowski 9’6” Velzy Pig 9’7” Wayne Rich Wildcard 1 10’ Wayne Rich Harmonic ‘67 To sell: 7’2” GH Tear Drop 7’2” Almond 7’2” Still searching for the right mid length…
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    Anybody good at turtle rolls?

    I would rather try to duck dive. Me being a bigger guy I’ve successfully duck dove 9’4”s through medium size white wash, and I can pierce my 10ft under the lip when called for. I’ve got thrashed a bunch of times on turtle rolll attempts and I’m pretty much over it.
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    Fish Question (bottom contours)

    I’ve got nothing bad to say about my MM fish. If you size it right it’s awesome. 5’10” for me at 200lbs is perfect. I could definitely go smaller/lighter, different keels if I wanted to surf more aggressively. But I love the results I’m getting with my 5’10” and I wouldn’t want it to be more...
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    Fish Question (bottom contours)

    I felt my MM with the deep single sits in the water a little more when surfing. It also has more weight to it, compared to other fishes I’ve surfed. Those two things together, I feel like the MM surfed better in chopping conditions that other fishes that have flatter concaves. I felt like fishes...
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    Tyler Hatzikian or Wayne Rich?

    Mitch’s has Wayne’s boards not sure how long they last there though.
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    Thoughts on original Christianson Flat tracker

    I surfed a friends for a session and really liked it. It turned great and was really fast and fun. I’m not really a mid length guy but I think I would be if I had that one.
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    The Eddie is ON

    For a free webcast I’m not going to complain too much. I thought the announcers did great with the situation they were given. We are used to the production of the well oiled machine of the WSL. But we need to remember this is more of a grassroots type of contest run by the family, I think. Mist...
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    Do you like bigger surf?

    I’ll surf a few of my local breaks until they max out and I usually feel pretty comfortable. That’s usually DOH+ to TOH range. I’m comfortable there because I’ve put in the time and know the power and watch to expect. They aren’t heavy waves for the most part, just shifty beach breaks that can...
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    Noserider Sizing for Bigger Guys

    P Wave catching and noseriding are two very different aspects of surfing for me. If a board paddles like a dog I doesn’t necessarily make it harder to nose ride. In fact on some boards it makes noseriding easier! The my friend has a board that I found was the most difficult to catch a wave with...
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    Noserider Sizing for Bigger Guys

    I sit around 200lbs plus a 5/4 wetsuit and I’ve got a few thoughts. First technique rules all. Once you know what you’re doing you can make any decent board work for you. Since you said you’re still learning, I think finding a good neutral platform to learn on is very important. There’s...
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    Islands/Indo trip 3 board quiver vs home 3 board quiver

    For Indo not that I’ve ever been… 5’10” GH Diet Pill 6’3” …lost Round Up I’d like to bring a keel fish but I’d probably find a bigger step up. Home: 5’10” Michael Miller keel fosh 9’7” Wayne Rich Wildcard 1 10’ Wayne Rich Harmonic ‘67 I ride the fish in everything that has decent push. And...
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    Wayne Rich x Channel Islands

    I have two Wayne’s that were shaped by him and glassed not at CI. A 10ft Harmonic and a 9’7” Wildcard 1. They were both around $1800 Canadian if I remember right. The weight definitely matters for those shapes. I wouldn’t want them too light. I wouldn’t want a light Wildcard. Though, the...
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    So Cal Jammers - Blacks Beach?

    Looks like a stressful surf.
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    Hanel dew drop

    Canada, near Tofino. Surf mostly beach break that can get good but is mostly average to below average when I compare it to other places I’ve surfed when I travel. Our waves tend to lack shape and power even when they line up. Our waves tend to be more roll than throw. These waves can be super...
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    Hanel dew drop

    I’ve surfed my friends 7’6” Dew Drop and really liked it. Felt like I was surfing a classic log but I could whip it around and lay it on rail more. But the same motions and stuff I’d do when surfing a log directly applied to surfing it. Was really fun in shoulder high mellow beach break. My...
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    Fastest board you’ve ever ridden

    It’s a friends board. I took it out in an over head beach break that was big and rolly. I felt like I was connecting different peaks not sections. That was an eye opening day. Small changes I’d make at the beginning of the wave would have huge impacts on my line and how I could connect stuff...
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    Fastest board you’ve ever ridden

    5’8” Gary Hanel Pill. I’ve ridden other boards that felt like I was going faster because I was out of control, but this one flys and maintains control. Second would be this 11’ 4” Michael Miller Drifter. Coming off the bottom turn I actually fell off the back because of the speed it generated...
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    9’6 + keel fish questions

    My vote is tri plane. Good luck.