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  1. Sax-son

    Thoughts on Joe Quigg

    It was just something that sort of evolved. There was no thought or plan behind it and our neighborhood community was kind of communal in nature so it just kind of worked. I doubt seriously that it would work in the same way today as it did then. It was a different world at that time.
  2. Sax-son

    Thoughts on Joe Quigg

    For me personally, I rode a 7'6" Hobie V bottom for a couple of years until Yater came out with his pocket rockets. I rode (2) Yater round pintail single fins, 7'4" and 7'3' for over 10 years until the longboard resurgence came back around in the early 1980's and jumped back onto longer boards...
  3. Sax-son

    Gene Cooper x Modernica

    Leave it to Gene to get into something like this. Gene is an artist; photographer and an appreciator of the arts is general. I knew that about him way prior to him getting into the surfboard building business. I met him back in the day when he was collecting surfboards (Bings in general) and we...
  4. Sax-son

    Rick 'Raz' Rasmussen

    There are more than a few that fit the Rick Rasmussen lifestyle model. The difference is that Rick was that he was more famous than many others who were like him. I think we all know someone from our surfing communities that aren't exactly model citizens. Although I didn't know Rick personally...
  5. Sax-son

    Thoughts on Joe Quigg

    I rode a couple of Quigg boards way back in the early 1960's when I was first starting. They belonged to friends of mine, but I didn't know enough about surfboards then to even evaluate them. The ones I rode looked pretty average and they didn't really stand out as something extraordinary. The...
  6. Sax-son

    RIP Pat Curren

    Oh Oh yeah! I remember that season, it was really intense. It was huge everywhere in that area.
  7. Sax-son

    Tyler Hatzikian or Wayne Rich?

    I think it's Ventura Surf Shop only from what I know. Although he was originally from Hermosa, I think he pretty much does business in the Santa Barbara/Ventura area.
  8. Sax-son

    Tyler Hatzikian or Wayne Rich?

    Tyler will have his fans and supporters no matter what kind of posting that I do. If folks are happy with his product and service, so be it. Local surfers normally support their hometown bros, and I was no different. Shapers such as Tyler can set the bar for those coming up from behind him and...
  9. Sax-son

    Tyler Hatzikian or Wayne Rich?

    I don't know Tyler so I can't talk about him personally. I do know Wayne Rich and he is a craftsman at heart, and he is all about soul and brotherhood. I can vouch for that no matter what his is building for you. I don't know Jim Phillips for that matter either personally, but from his posts and...
  10. Sax-son

    Dudes smoking crack selling surfboards

    That thing looks plum nasty! Too ugly to have hanging around the house at any price.
  11. Sax-son

    Jim Phillips Surfboards Hawaii AAA

    Those boards are awesome!
  12. Sax-son

    Jim Phillips Surfboards Hawaii AAA

  13. Sax-son

    Jim Phillips Surfboards Hawaii AAA

    A $165.00 for a board was big dough for a board back then. Roughly $1500.00 in today's money, but certainly not out of line compared to today's prices. They were not that heavily advertised from my memory, but those that owned them gave them high regards.
  14. Sax-son

    Jim Phillips Surfboards Hawaii AAA

    I remember the Model A Surfboards Hawaii from back in the day and none of the shops around Ventura County carried them. I don't think the Santa Barbara Shops did either (I could be wrong). However, if I was in the market today for a Model A replica, I would sure be tempted by these, that phot...
  15. Sax-son

    Advice for drilling a leash hole through board?

    If you are not sure of your skills, take it to a repair shop and they can do it. It's an easy chore sp they shoudn't charge that much for it.
  16. Sax-son

    Wayne Rich x Channel Islands

    I go way back with Wayne when he was shaping under the Jacobs lable for a number of years. He built me a beautiful cobalt blue tinted longboard that was awesome. However, it had more of a thin railed speed design and not necessarily a classic shape. The board rode good, but I ended up selling it...
  17. Sax-son

    So Cal Jammers - Blacks Beach?

    Not for the faint of heart!
  18. Sax-son

    CJ Nelson on Localism--Mic Drop

    The way I see it, there are customers for all of it because not everyone is going to want to fork out $1500.00 for a quality handcrafted surfboard. From what I have seen there are at least 3 different camps for surfboard construction: the handcrafted customs, the middle ground softop styles, and...
  19. Sax-son

    Giant Swell Tomorrow!?

    Smart man!
  20. Sax-son

    Giant Swell Tomorrow!?

    I learned years ago to avoid storm surf. The water if full of contaminants that flow down out of creek beds. During the storms of 1968/68 we stumbled across dead cattle and live rattlesnakes at California Street. Wait at least a week until this is over. Otherwise, you risk getting really sick.