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  1. Roadmaster

    Booties for Logging Recommendations?

    For board feel I like the O'Neill Mutant, they still sell a 3mm version. The 6/5/3 version is no longer listed on their web site. Thin flexible sole, with no straps, which I do not like. A fragile boot compared to the Patagonia boot but much more flexible.
  2. Roadmaster

    Best North East Winter accessories

    I agree on having at least 2 pair of boots and gloves as well as 2 boot dryers. One for boots and gloves and one for your suit, hang the suit from the middle and put the arms and legs on the boot dryer as well as a fan blowing on the suit. I alternate between a 5/4 suit and a 6/5 suit for the...
  3. Roadmaster

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    yes these yes these are nice riding boards. very versatile, I always thought these were closer to a "Sam" style board, not a hard core vintage pig. the one I bought and then sold back to Basenji703 was epoxy and light at 17 pounds, for a 10' board. Rode very well in clean conditions but did...
  4. Roadmaster

    Black Rose Mfg. who has tried them?

    My 10'6" Fine Swine is a square tail, kind of wide at 9 inches. When I ordered the board for the shaping I ordered the board length, 10'6" and thickness at 3 1/8". The other dimensions to be determined by the shaper and template. In other words I wanted Ricky to use dimensions he felt best for...
  5. Roadmaster

    Black Rose Mfg. who has tried them?

    I currently have a Black Rose Fine Swine and for about a year I owned A Ricky Carroll JQ Pig that was a custom order by Basenji, he sold it to me and wanted to buy it back. I had just received the Fine Swine so was happy to sell it back to Hank (Basenji). The Swine is a custom I ordered, a 10'6"...
  6. Roadmaster

    Starting to look for a Bisect...

    the price seems fair to me, has been listed for maybe 2 months. I remember that the price was reduced from original asking price. I know little about the boards and have never seen or ridden one.
  7. Roadmaster

    Starting to look for a Bisect...

    here is one currently for sale in North Carolina.
  8. Roadmaster

    Longboard coverups

    this was a very cold February day maybe 7-8 years ago. At the Jetty VA Beach, sand was excellent and waves were hollow (for VA Beach), made the wave. I remember looking out and thinking"wow! tubed and looking out"
  9. Roadmaster

    Longboard coverups

    several years ago on my Bill Frierson
  10. Roadmaster


    Helps to wear glove liners under your wetsuit gloves. 5 finger nylon glove liners very cheap on Amazon. Helps a lot getting them on and off
  11. Roadmaster

    Leash recommendations

    Virginia Beach has a leash law or at least there is one on the books. The life guards do not enforce it. I do remember one of the better young long boarders here was told to put on a leash this was some years ago
  12. Roadmaster

    Nine plus jacket with beaver tail - Size Sold

    First wetsuit, short sleeve beaver tail over high waist pants, likely 1/4" thick no metrics back then. No lining inside or outside, typical dive suit. Hard to get on, had to dust it with talcum powder or corn starch so it would slide on. Photo from 1966, me on the left with the beavertail...
  13. Roadmaster

    Nine plus jacket with beaver tail - Size Sold

    O'Neill made a retro beaver tail jacket up until about 15? years ago, techno butter neoprene, smooth no nylon outside, fully lined inside, I have one in medium. I believe O'Neill sold them in Japan and Australia for a bit longer. Fragile due to no nylon outside.
  14. Roadmaster

    How was your surf today?....share your stoke!

    This is me after smoking a joint at 5am and then surfing for 3 hours, a much needed rest on my Phillips Pig.
  15. Roadmaster

    Current ride/preferred car brand?

    I got my 1993 Ford Aerostar almost 3 years ago, with 60k one owner miles and used as a hearse in rural Tennessee. Garage kept from new and I keep it in my garage as well. Great surf car room for at least 3 longboards, wetsuit changing seat and room to sleep. With a small V6 gets decent mpg...
  16. Roadmaster

    Knee pads? I usually knee paddle my 11' Phillips AAA.

    I knee paddle a lot and made my own knee pads out of old wetsuit legs. They are cut so the pads do not cover the back of my knees for better flexibility but cover they front of my kneecaps and to just above my ankle. I glue layers of neoprene to the pads and have about 3/4" of padding. They work...
  17. Roadmaster

    True Ames Defect Deals on Volan PHD and 4as

    Good call out on the blem sale, just ordered a 4A 9.75" for my Phillips pig
  18. Roadmaster

    Solite Boots

    I got the boots last winter and got the best sizeI could before the hot water thing with them which did not really do much to alter the fit. The boots ended up slightly short and stubbed my big toe a little, wearable but not perfect. A bigger size boot would make them way too wide. I wore them...
  19. Roadmaster

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    that UFO looks nice, wish it were closer
  20. Roadmaster

    50’s 60’s wax

    I started surfing in 1965 so all we had was paraffin from the super market, at least it was cheap. Generally we hot waxed the boards first with melted wax and brushed it on for a base coat. In the winter you had to keep the wax bars warm on the way to the beach if possible. dripping candle wax...