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  1. Daddykook

    wavepool mania

    Down in flames yesterday.
  2. Daddykook

    NSP E+ 11'

    Yep, and after letting some nuggs go by (trying not to be a wave hog), by the time you reach the pack on the set wave, the others are just getting off thier mark windmilling on the inside and you are flying in comparison as you pop up and signal, "this one is mine!" Then you ride to the sand as...
  3. Daddykook

    Seeking Munoz fin recommendation

    I get comments on mine all the time, usually something along the lines of "good lord, how long is that?" I just say 12 and smile and catch the next wave to the beach. My 12 has no side bite slots, single fin only. I have settled on this 10 inch pivot, it locks in and rides for days. Turns are...
  4. Daddykook


    It tried hard to kill me december about a year ago, spent from dec 2nd the the 23rd holed up in my bedroom which was set up like a hospital room. Worst month of my life as pneumonia crept in as well, couldn't get back into the water til april.....paddled out and was still spitting up green...
  5. Daddykook

    Strange/Interesting places where you have ran into a surfboard?

    I'll post mine story. I was trying to get back to Cali to sleep in my own bed but ran out of daylight and energy and decided to stop at stateline to pass out and finish the ride the next morning. Decided to have a couple before I hit hay and so I was sitting in the bar and some lady and her...
  6. Daddykook

    WTB 12'Surftech Munoz & 11' Takayama Prince Kuhio

    Had my 12'' Munoz out today for a magic session with my daughter at Doheny. Fun, fun fun, glide for days, and make every section......
  7. Daddykook

    WTB 12'Surftech Munoz & 11' Takayama Prince Kuhio

    This one has some kind of a carbon fibre wrap. I bought an 11" TLPC about a month ago and gave it a spin last week. Much lighter than the the regular Tuflite Munoz, by 5 pounds or so I'd say just by picking them up. I also found it had a different balance point than my other 11 footah.
  8. Daddykook

    Surfing With An Apple Watch?

    I get the technology in the water thing and agree in general. However, from a Dad prospective, if I am not in the water and when my teenage daughter is in the water and it gets dark because she doesn't want to come out, I like knowing I can send a text and her watch lights up so I can find her...
  9. Daddykook

    Surfing With An Apple Watch?

    Surprised me as well. My initial thought was that it was incorrect.
  10. Daddykook

    Surfing With An Apple Watch?

    My teenage daughter uses hers regularly. When paired with her phone I can send texts to her while she is in the lineup (her phone is on the beach). She uses it to track wave counts and stats. After a particularly good session at Doheney she announced that she had ridden over a mile, the...
  11. Daddykook

    WTB 12'Surftech Munoz & 11' Takayama Prince Kuhio

    Not any real help but.....The Prince Kuhio will might be tough to find, they don't show up in the wild very often. Munoz boards seem to pop up sub $1k once or twice a month. If priced around $600-700 they sell right away and end up repriced at $12-1300 a week later. You must be quick to get...
  12. Daddykook

    WTB SUP & Wetsuits take special needs kids surfing in OC

    I just had a closet clear out and have 10 or 12 kid to teen to xl men sized wetsuits (mostly spring suits) that I no longer need, all in very good shape. I will be at Doheny on Saturday this week and can bring them with me. Send me a PM.
  13. Daddykook

    Looking for a travel bag to rent/buy

    In Waikiki I like Koa Boardsports or Moku. Koa has a self service rack, you will get a key for a week rental and can come and go as you please. Moku has no self service racks but are there early (for dawn patrol) and stay open after dark for after sunset session drop off. Generally good...
  14. Daddykook

    Surfboard Wax: Love It Or Hate It

    Might have been me if it was at Doho, except the good surfer thing has me confused as that is certainly not me, adequate is more descriptive. I just put it on a couple big boards. After 4 sessions, I am pretty happy with it. I took my boards to the guy in Costa Mesa who makes it (a retired...
  15. Daddykook

    Post Your Quiver

    My Munoz quiver. 2 x 12's and 2 x 11's.
  16. Daddykook

    Dudes smoking crack selling surfboards

    A Tak but wow, the price for a surftech.
  17. Daddykook

    Let's talk BAGS

    The Glide is 25 wide. Zips up nicely with no extra floppy side fabric.
  18. Daddykook

    Let's talk BAGS

    Ocean Earth Aircon. Not cheap but seriously well built and fits my 11 foot Munoz Ultra Glide like a glove.
  19. Daddykook

    SOLD: 11'0" x 25" x 3.6" Mickey Munoz Super Glide Surftech

    This thread got me to pull out my Munoz quiver and snap a few pics of these beauties tonight! Love me some Munoz Glide, 2 12's and 2 11's pictured. old school original surftech softop, 12' and an 11' tuflite, and a woodgrain. I think I am only missing a 10'6" and a TLPC......Glide on!
  20. Daddykook

    Board(s) you're sitting on and can't / won't sell and why

    I am glad I am not the only one around that seems to have the "2 in 1 out" sickness that afflicts many of you as well as me.