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  1. Mucker

    Pets on boards

    We lost these two this summer. Both were 15+ years old. The black and white one had doggy dementia and the tan one had cancer. Both were rescues from the same shelter and spent many years together.
  2. Mucker

    Longboard waves in Tamarindo

    Avellana is best on a mid to high tide like takedown said. It is more top to bottom and you have to position yourself just right to get a good ride. It is a great wave for a HP longboard. If you're not used to that type of wave though it may be a little intimidating. I remember the first...
  3. Mucker

    Surfboard travel packing alternative (flexi-hex) question

    That was me. I'm glad it worked out for you. I would have loved to give the flexi hexi a try but it is heavier than I expected. I took two boards to CR. The flexi hexi needed for the two boards would have put the bag over AA's weight limit for the bag to be considered as a piece of checked...
  4. Mucker

    Traveling with Boards

    Just returned from our trip to CR. We flew AA and took two boards, 9' and 7'2". Flew out of Newark to Liberia with a stop in Miami. AA has a 50 lb weight limit or you get dinged with oversized charges. My bag was about 47 lbs and was charged the standard bag fee of $30 each way. I also had...
  5. Mucker

    6 Flexi-Hex Mid Sleeves $60

    All 6 are sold
  6. Mucker

    6 Flexi-Hex Mid Sleeves $60

    Weight. I flew AA and if the board bag was under 50 lbs, I'd only pay $30. Over 50 lbs and I get nailed for oversized baggage fees. Those Flexi-Hexis are NOT the lightest thing in the world(edited).
  7. Mucker

    6 Flexi-Hex Mid Sleeves $60

    I bought 6 Flexi-Hex Mid sleeves for my recent trip but decided not to use them. 4 are completely new and unused. I tried 2 out on the boards before deciding not to use them(those are the two farthest to the right). I'd like to sell them all at one time. They cost me $70 with the shipping...
  8. Mucker

    PA Jammers - anyone out near Lititz, PA?

    PM Sent
  9. Mucker

    PA Jammers - anyone out near Lititz, PA?

    I'm about 30 mins from Lititz. Let me know what I can do to help out.
  10. Mucker

    Rinse Kits

    No problem. I like the wetsuit hood idea. I may have some like that laying around that I could use.
  11. Mucker

    Rinse Kits

    Round Up sprayer(only ever used with water), sink sprayer and hose for sink, brass barbed fitting 1/4" ID-1/4" I've been using the sprayer for rinsing off after mtb races for at least the last 7 years. Updated it a few years ago with the sink sprayer and that improved it. I have a friend with...
  12. Mucker

    Long longboards on Delta Airlines?

    I'm curious too on what Delta is like with longboards. I want to book a trip next year and Delta's prices are competitive once you factor in the cost of board bag fees. I plan on taking one 9 footer and a midlength. Just want to hear other people's experiences. Thanks
  13. Mucker

    Vitamin D vs. Skin Cancer

    I think that article is spot on with sun exposure and it's beneficial vs harmful effects. I typically spend most of my time indoors in during the winter in southeast PA since I can't stand the cold. As the temps gradually rise, I start bike riding outdoors with just a little skin...
  14. Mucker

    Pinched Nerve in the Neck Help?

    I have a similar thing going on. First time it happened a little over 2 years ago on thanksgiving morning. Woke up with a little pain that gradually grew worse and couldn't turn my head and was pretty painful. The pain subsided over the next couple days but still was having trouble. I...
  15. Mucker

    Costa Rica

    I'll second xyzzy and chilly willy especially if you go in the north american winter. Costa Rica gets bigger swell in our summer months. Sign up for the intermediate surf camp or advanced surf camp at witches rock surf camp if you go in our winter or do the intermediate if you go in our...
  16. Mucker

    Jetblue out of JFK

    Sorry to dredge up this thread but flew to Liberia on Jetblue out of JFK again. 6 people flying and 4 boards in a hard case and soft case, which was the same as last year, but my experience in JFK was totally different. Got to the counter to pay for the boards, tried lying about the number of...
  17. Mucker

    Family Surf Vacation suggestions

    I'll second Tamarindo or Nosara. Tamarindo has more to do for with easy access to day trips and tours and more restaurants and shopping. Nosara is more laid back and will be less crowded. My wife and kids like Tamarindo and I like it because it is close to different beaches. I wake up and...
  18. Mucker

    Shortboard transition help

    Don't go too short. I've tried to transition to shorter boards in the past and it was frustrating. Part of my problem is that I don't have as many opportunities to surf and I just want to get out and have fun so I just like the ease of a nice longboard but I thought I'd like to move to a...
  19. Mucker

    Jetblue out of JFK

    ElBrooklyn wrote: That's what I did at JFK and Liberia and have done with AA in the past, but when they said they were going to open them up I just fessed up. Two years ago, when I went Jetblue, we took two boards in one coffin. I just said one and no one batted an eye. Everyone was more...
  20. Mucker

    Jetblue out of JFK

    Just got back from Costa. Flew out of JFK to Liberia. There were five us traveling, my wife, 3 step kids, and me with two coffins. I had 4 boards total not to mention a fishing rod and 3 body boards stuffed into the cases for "padding." ;) I got hit both ways for the surfboards. At JFK when...

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