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  1. Camco

    BOSS Surfboard thread

    Nice board
  2. Camco

    Experiences with the higher end / expensive wetsuit brands

    Reunion or Amsterdam Go custom with Yamamoto where ever you decide well worth it
  3. Camco

    Suggestions for a 9' Longboard for California beach breaks?

    9’ boss surfboard super fun Or 9’8” mini log
  4. Camco

    Thalia brand full suits anyone got one?

    Just got my 3/2 reunion for 550 but I did some add on’s Took about 5weeks form getting measured Well worth spending a lil extra on a custom fit and Yamamoto is definitely the way to go I’ve never had a Feral but have herd good stuff
  5. Camco

    Thalia brand full suits anyone got one?

    Just got a 3/2 from Ryo I’m all in for reunion Fits perfect and material is great The turn around was quick
  6. Camco

    McElroy 6’8”

    Early 90’s McElroy 6’8” for sale $200 Great board from the San Clemente legend Chris McElroy Owned by another legend BobO boss surfboards for the past 30 years message me for any info needed Thanks
  7. Camco

    What board have you got coming..?

    Boss surfboards mini log 9’8” glassed in colored fin metal flake on bottom tint on top I was going to get one last week was a blue on blue 9’8” and didn’t open my mouth fast enough let it get away So had to order one
  8. Camco

    Yamamoto neoprene wetsuits

    Got my new custom reunion wetsuit from Ryo Tried it out today was killer felt really comfortable felt completely dry and warm the whole time was out about 3hrs fits great and dried unbelievably fast the texture of the rubber is bad ass love it I’m a big fan of the Amsterdam but think I’ll be a...
  9. Camco

    Your life outside of surfing

    35 years old Pipeline and grading contractor and operated equipment rental started business the end of 2019 right before things got crappy so COVID sponsored me to surf a lot more until unimportant sponsored crowds of foamys now things are to busy going great and surf any chance I can or time...
  10. Camco

    BOSS Surfboard thread

    Built a freestanding pvc rack to fit some boss logs works great no holes in the wall nice and secure
  11. Camco

    Best wall racks... suggestions please.

    Did a freestanding rack for logs Works great
  12. Camco

    Yamamoto neoprene wetsuits

  13. Camco

    Yamamoto neoprene wetsuits

    Anyone know of someone in contact with Amsterdam wetsuits that could take new measurements we’ve been having a rough time getting our messages through to him Thanks Also anybody know of good similar suits I’d like to have another go to suit guy in cases like this
  14. Camco

    BOSS Surfboard thread

    What’s up I’m putting together a picture album for my uncle BobO pics of boss surfboards and pics of his friends I’d like to use the photos that are posted on here as well if anyone has some pics to contribute would be great Thanks
  15. Camco

    BOSS Surfboard thread

    Great story on the BOSS board it’s about an hour and ten minutes into the pod cast at the 36min mark
  16. Camco

    Favorite Logos

    BobO’s boss surfboards logos
  17. Camco

    New Board Stoke Thread

    Boss surfboards
  18. Camco

    BOSS Surfboard thread

    Ya he’s an awesome dude he’s still shaping and surfing daily or as much as possible
  19. Camco

    BOSS Surfboard thread

    Brand New custom order it is 8’11”