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  1. glider_boy

    what are people listening to today?

    RIP Tom.
  2. glider_boy

    Noserider Sizing for Bigger Guys

    I have found that many dedicated noseriders tend to paddle like dogs relative to their size. I think a lot of this has to do with noseriding-specific features that are designed to make the board slow down and get sucked into the curl. For instance, significant tail flip can slow a board down. In...
  3. glider_boy

    Michael Miller Drifter or Deepest Reaches Megafish

    No experience w/ the DR but the Drifter is a great choice for N. County. 9’ is my go-to for average days, 8’ for slightly bigger / better waves.
  4. glider_boy

    talk to me about gliders & glider waves

    I tend to ride gliders in smaller conditions at reefs, and sometimes up to head high or so when battling crowds in really mushy high tide conditions such as Tourmo or San O. I will occasionally ride one in small high tide beachbreak, but I do not really like them in beach breaks unless the...
  5. glider_boy

    Pets on boards

  6. glider_boy

    What fin are you running in your glider?

    7.5” 4a in my 10’6” Miller Eagle. Much prefer that over the 8” Frye I originally tried.
  7. glider_boy

    Skip Frye / Josh Hall thruster spacing?

    The North Shore Skip set is the default for these boards, though some are partial to the NVS Grennans. TA also makes a set w/ same template. JH may have a set too, can’t recall.
  8. glider_boy

    Ian…Shmee-ian….Facing The Storm…

    Bueller? Bueller?
  9. glider_boy

    9-9’6 point break, non-noserider

    Agree a Magic or Eagle from any of the usual suspects would be a great choice. And don’t hesitate to go 10’ if you want extra paddle power.
  10. glider_boy

    General question about gliders

    I’d say ask your shaper and don’t overthink it. If you are surfing this in typical SoCal glider conditions a standard blank and 6x6 glass ought to be fine. Maybe add a deck patch if you like to knee paddle or are tough on decks. I would think that would still land you in the mid 20s at most. As...
  11. glider_boy

    Rainy season water quality in Nosara / Guiones continues to show major issues

    Yeah watching the video it sounds like too many people have installed septic tanks on lots that are too small, which seems like a tough problem to fix once it’s there.
  12. glider_boy

    Ordering a Custom Mabile in 2022

    Not sure at this point but as a starting point I’d contact Bird and Happy Battle.
  13. glider_boy

    Size of the clean up set Socal?

    Not sure how to answer your question but I surfed a North County spot yesterday that i wouldn’t consider a south swell magnet (south of Carlsbad) and there was a really long set around 7:30 am. Maybe a little bigger than head high where I was, nothing crazy. But I bet that set yard-saled some...
  14. glider_boy

    Ding repairs, I need to ask.

    I’ll tape over a snackle or similar minor issues that aren’t gonna take in water. Can address those when the board needs a real repair. But for anything significant, I’m with you.
  15. glider_boy

    Big Mail Day - Skip Frye, Tim Kerr

    From Trash Lamb? Cool little gallery, it’s in my neighborhood.
  16. glider_boy

    Leash recommendations

    Stay Covered. US made, super robust construction. Link
  17. glider_boy

    Bigger fish fin preferences

    +1 for thrusters. On an 8-ish fish Simmons they are a great starting point. But I’ve never gone down the twin fin rabbit hole. I know Miller and some of the other shapers will do extra plugs so either option is available.
  18. glider_boy

    Your life outside of surfing

    Hard to overstate how awesome it felt to catch a clean, lined up day (or hour) in TX after months of alternating flatness and VAS conditions.
  19. glider_boy

    Question For Older Surfers

    Flexibility in lower back and hips. Popping up in faster waves is an adventure sometimes.
  20. glider_boy

    Daylight Saving Time to be Made Permanent.

    Also, full-blown rush hour will commence well before first light for +/- 6 months out of the year. Guess living west of the 5 is going to get even more desirable.

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