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    Roof Racks, what’s your favorite

    INSIDE! NY-> NC in 6.5 hours, twice.
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    Roof Racks, what’s your favorite

    Good results withThule Aero racks and web straps with metal buckles. Yakima round bars seem to hum at high speeds, and Thule square bars seem more likely to dent a board.
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    East coast board train thread

    UPDATE: Leaving from NY to NC tomorrow and fully loaded up. Returning empty (so far) 2/1, maybe 1/31 depending on weather.
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    Cat or Dog?

    Kibble, shaken not stirred....
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    Next Southbound trip to OBX NC will be 1/26, Return to Long Island 2/1.
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    Craigslist Deals- East Coast

    Next Southbound trip to OBX will be 1/26, Northbound to Long Island 2/1.
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    Do you like bigger surf?

    Yes, Few things will put your heart in your throat as fast as paddling up a rising face and trying to get through / over it before it gets vertical. During a particularly sketchy hurricane swell at the tip of Long Island, there was a torrent of a longshore current, jumbled big peaks and a...
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    Do you like bigger surf?

    Fully agree with all posts on this topic. TonyPR nailed it with his observations. We surf crappy waves to be in shape for better waves. Friends of mine that have stayed out of the water and then head out when it's macking are usually the ones complaining of injured backs and torn tendons/...
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    Smooth riding 9 footer that rides steep waves too?

    Smooth riding 9' that rides steep waves too: This was a faithful copy of a Hansen 50/50. actually 9'6". (Thanks Murray Ross!) Hurricane Earl, 2009, OBX, N.C.. I had just bought this board before leaving for NY on the trip before this swell. I had no idea of what the swell looked like but took...
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    Do you like bigger surf?

    Great video! I enjoyed watching him drop below sea level on his trajectory. Reminded me of the first time I'd paddled out in bigger surf on Oahu (1988 or 1989) with a transplanted NY friend who had been there for a few years, and a couple of his local buddies. I watched someone drop straight...
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    WTB Santa Monica Surfcase 9’6” or 10’

    Great afternoon with Seahawk handing off my old Santa Monica Surfcase and Pacific Edge double board bag. Just another very enjoyable interaction with a pleasant fellow waterman. These items have accompanied me on many memorable surf adventures, and I wish Seahawk the best of luck with...
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    Anyone know where to watch "Gun Ho!" a Bud Brown film?

    Still looking for a source to get this early surf movie from. And I stll have a VCR. Thanks!
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    Noserider Sizing for Bigger Guys

    I had an 10' Infinity "Rad Noserider" that had plenty of volume and paddled easily. You might keep an eye out for one as they've been around for a while and used ones are out there. If you're looking for a big pig I'll bump my green Phillips back up to the top of the list for you to look...
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    An Ode to Bodysurfing

    Again this is funny timing! I was going through some old surf stuff yesterday while looking over my collection of board bags, and ran across a new pair of Churchill Makapuu fins, unused and still in the box, and my old "Hand Gun" bodysurf planer from the early 80's. was just now logging on to...
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    Board Train Help - New Jersey to New England

    Update: Next trip down is 1/25, back 2/1. Empty on the trip up.
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    An Ode to Bodysurfing

    Looking forward to joining you for lunch. -DT
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    An Ode to Bodysurfing

    Very enjoyable! Thanks for sharing, Chaz. -DT

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