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    The Eddie is ON

    50 plus years ago...
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    Foam fill for large delam on deck?

    There are sure to be some expert responses. My two cents is that two part foam mixes I used in the past didn't have UV protection. If you go that route, which I'm not necessarily recommending, check for a UV additive. Or pigment the glass job opaque.
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    Surfline live at Waimea

    Better than what?
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    members tab

    The algorithm never sleeps. For some, that means they'll never need to wake up.
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    Vintage Yater funshape?

    Hmmm, kinda curious. A friend scored an 8' Rennie shaped and signed fun shape a while back. He was convinced it was worth a lot of money but when he rode it he couldn't make it go. It was basically a miniature long board at 8' by 21" with vintage longboard style bottom and rails. At some point...
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    Fastest board you’ve ever ridden

    Returned home from ~3 years away in the Indian Ocean riding a variety of equipment. Out of touch with the trends, I encountered few travelers; there weren't many around at the time. Saw my very first thruster towards the end; the type that was more of a twin with a trailing stabilizer. Thought I...
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    CJ Nelson on Localism--Mic Drop

    Something in the water there...
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    CJ Nelson on Localism--Mic Drop

    I don't think so. Groms gotta earn it. But anyone over 70 sitting on the peak should get their choice of wave in the set. Just sayin'
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    RIP Bill Ogden

    I accompanied a friend who had a source for 'sheets' in LB and the guys we visited a couple of times didn't look like they surfed. But the vegetarian restaurant 'Love Animals, Don't Eat Them' had some surfers working there. I've heard or read somewhere that the restaurant was funded by the...
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    Do You Think You Could Rip a Transition-Era Skip Frye?

    Nice video, thank you Bill Yerkes. Two feet wide, very low rocker, enough volume to knee paddle, and, one of the best surfers of the era.
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    Adding weight to a board...?

    Uh, radical idea here, but if you made the board stronger it would add some weight, not break during your heat, last longer, be less wasteful, etc. But what do I know.
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    CJ Nelson on Localism--Mic Drop

    Thug bait. You couldn't make me watch more than 30 seconds of that bile.
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    RIP Bill Ogden

    RIP. Bill was right up there with Griffin in the surf art world; often imitated, rarely matched. I had a very serviceable Munoz shaped downrail single fin from Hobie back in the day. Logo by Ogden. It looked a lot like this.
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    Take nothing for granted

    To Jim, friends, and family, maybe Moderators also. I sincerely hope the sense of community found here provides some respite from the grief you're feeling. In view of the thread title, and what I know of our friend Jim the Genius, I'd like to expand on the idea of not taking anything for...
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    The Yin & Yang of Gerry Lopez (now streaming)

    The whole 'licensing' phenomenon is pretty far removed from the 'pure source'.
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    Take nothing for granted

    Damn. Really sorry to read this.
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    The Yin & Yang of Gerry Lopez (now streaming)

    Good viewing. Enviable life he's led, but the film felt sanitized. There were missing chapters that would have rounded out the picture, and missing interviews from people like Reno or Jocko that would have been more meaningful by far compared to George's and Warshaw's insipid fan-gush. The...
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    Random video's

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    Interesting find 9’6”

    Looks like an HP time capsule. May need to get your agro on.
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    who adds more value to this site, PeakMaster or Bruce

    Even Freshmen learn to write for their audience. Knowing you and Pique's proud boy bro'mance I figured you'd be reading, so any simplification is in anticipation of your typical misrepresentations. I totally get it, if all your surfing is slow, straight line crumblers then you must need the...

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