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  1. wornlevis


    I’m flying it back to LA!
  2. wornlevis

    Your Surf videography/ photography setup!

    I am looking to upgrade my surf content capture equipment and would love to know what other photographers and videographers are using in this day & age. What lenses do you use/ suggest? What body? What aspect ratio? I’d love to know what and why… Cheers
  3. wornlevis

    (SOLD) KNOST 7’6” Pintail (NYC)

    I don’t believe so, i haven’t taken any pictures of it in a shower.
  4. wornlevis


    No longer ** For Sale.
  5. wornlevis

    Craigslist Deals- East Coast Selling this board for $300 In NYC! Hit me up (Update - Sold)
  6. wornlevis

    (SOLD) KNOST 7’6” Pintail (NYC)

    For sale is my Alex knost handshaped 7’6” pintail mid length! I’ve been taking this board on the A train to rockaway, fits in a subway, super versatile. (Local Pickup) So much fun, great board for ditch plains, north jersey and Rockaway. Shoots tubes, gets in early, works in smaller waves too...
  7. wornlevis

    FS 7'1 Klaus Jones Dirt - South OC

    Very cool. Would you consider a swap for a 6’8” Machina by klaus. Same condition?
  8. wornlevis

    FS: 6’0” BMT Bonzer $700 Shaped by Alex Knost, boards in great shape, retails over $1200. Priced to sell. I’ve had some epic days on this one, I’m just reaching for my other boards and this one isn’t getting the attention...
  9. wornlevis

    FT/ Putting out feelers: Klaus Jones Machina 6'8"

    I bought this board recently, seeking an all around hull. rode it 3x. (No dings, essentially perfect) I love the shape and the foil, but I could get along with a slightly longer sled. Could be seduced into a trade! Liddle or klaus, closer to 7'0 maybe 7'2 if it's a more dramatic foil. Thanks...
  10. wornlevis

    SOLD: 6'3" Andreini MP (shaped by Matt Calvaini for Icons of Foam)

    Hey! Very interested. Can meet tomorrow morning. If this is still available shoot me a text (661)666-1027
  11. wornlevis

    WTB Classic hull on a budget (Success!)

    I’m seeking a wide point forward shape, DM, Siglo, Surfboards Australia etc. edit: Thanks Andrew!

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