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    An Ode to Bodysurfing

    Introducing the newest member of my salt water quiver… a WAW Bad Fish handplane made in Australia from 99% recycled plastic including 33% collected from the sea (thanks to a tip from a kind Jammer). Contrary to an appreciated but totally misguided belief in this thread of my woodworking...
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    This is the guy that advertises breaks in NJ

    Just changing gears for a sec… Can anyone else see a robot in Mr Abide’s beard?
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    Jim Phillips Surfboards Hawaii AAA

    I love that two tone blue Bruce, that looks magic.
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    Black's Beach cliff collapse

    Holy smokes! Of the 2 I think the landscape aspect video captured the carnage better cos you could see more of the cliff face disintegrating in the one shot. That rubble pile at the bottom looked to be moving like a fast moving glacier.. Crazy. Hope everyone was safe.
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    talk to me about gliders & glider waves

    Sounds like awesome fun!
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    RIP Pat Curren

    I LOVE this story… legend. Gonna make us some Mex tonight in tribute (with store bough tortillas… oh the shame hehe)
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    Do you like bigger surf?

    Great thread. TLDR; Nope, no big waves for me. I’m not a charger. Never have been and never will be. Not on a surfboard or skateboard or snowboard or mountain bike. I’m just not wired like that for some reason - I’ve always been a cruiser. I’ve never felt the inclination to surf big or heavy...
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    This is the guy that advertises breaks in NJ

    I don’t reckon anyone could argue with that. Very well said. I think that takes the award for the most eloquent post in this thread.
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    SIDEWALK SURFING- discussions

    Yeowwww. Chris has still got it.
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    This is the guy that advertises breaks in NJ

    Nice one Brian, well said. Welcome to JB and keep up the great work.
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    members tab

    I never see any ads either.
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    An Ode to Bodysurfing

    This thread is firing me up to bring some bodysurfing into my life. Maybe after a surf session or on onshore / uninspiring surf days. I’m going to put my old flippers in my surfing box and make a point to bodysurf sometimes to spark some zero-expectation joy. I’ve never done it with flippers...
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    Andreini Stoke

    Yeowwww! Stunners. You better test the ‘better half’ board a few times… to make sure it’s appropriate for use hehe.
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    THC Surfboards

    Damn straight, that’s where it’s at right there… love that style of mid length surfing.
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    talk to me about gliders & glider waves

    Loving this thread. I have never actually seen a glider in the flesh… might not be long with all these glowing endorsements. A glider would be perfect at my local reefs where the waves are often tiny but mighty well shaped… my 9’0” longboard does great there but I am imagining it on a glider on...
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    talk to me about gliders & glider waves

    You had me at ubiquity. Great post.
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    members tab

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    members tab

    I thought I was coming here for fun. Am I inadvertently working for the man each time I peruse JB? Are we making the fat man fatter? Does he even surf? Is he even a man? Is he/she even fat? So many questions… this is a pandora’s box. Perhaps we need a collective bargaining agreement to monetise...
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    Cj Nelson Boards.

    I agree. It seems like there is a lot of crossover between the ‘new’ models and the now copious number of different models on his website dilutes his product range imho.
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    CJ Nelson Outlier reviews?

    Holy smokes! A rad quiver just got even radder. Yeowww.

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