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  1. AndyV

    Outer Banks Oct Question

    Greetings all, I live in Western Massachusetts and considering an early Oct trip to the Outer Banks. Looking to rent a small place for my wife (non-surfer) and I (surfer…longboards). It’s probably a 2 day drive unless we drive the 10 hours straight; might tow a motorcycle as well. We are...
  2. AndyV

    Surfboard travel packing alternative (flexi-hex) question

    Greetings all, Heading to Costa Rica in March. Was wondering if anyone has used the product called Flexi-Hex for surfboard packing and travel. Specifically, how was the protection and will it last for the return trip home. I have a 7’10” Bing Collector…will probably need 3 sleeves. Link below...
  3. AndyV

    Kazuma 7'4" Custom Surfboard w/bag (w.mass)

    For sale is a Kazuma 7'4" custom surfboard. I had it made for me and shipped from Hawaii. It has not been used a lot; need to scale down. Board size and bag info noted below. Some of the pictures were taken when board was new. There is some wax on the board and a few small pressure dents (see...