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    SOLD: Feral 3mm+ hooded

    Feral 3mm+ Hooded Suit Men's Large SOLD
  2. J

    SOLD: 5'6" Mandala Biax Superchunk

    5’6 x 20.5” x 2.5” Concave deck Slightly pulled in nose Micro channels in the tail Epoxy with Biax glass - crazy light & strong Vaccum bag glassed and finished by Justin Ternes Rails, tail, nose and bottom are clean. Light foot pressures on the deck. I picked this up from Kyle, but need to make...
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    Lovelace/Drab Carbon Twin Set

    Up for sale a super lightly used Lovelace/Drab Collab Twin Set. I wanted to check these out and while they are incredible I have another set that is basically the same template so I'm moving these along. I have had these in the water for a couple sessions. Always removed and rinsed. No rash or...
  4. J

    SOLD: Shortboard Bike Rack + LB option

    Moved by Bikes Short Board rack Also purchased the front tube mount and longer bolt to haul a long board as well. Best of both setups - I test fit this but never ended up using it. SOLD
  5. J

    SOLD: FCS Hard Rack Pad System

    Lightly used condition. Got this for my last vehicle and not using it anymore. SOLD
  6. J

    Gone: Doc's ProPlugs

    I wanted to try out docs earplugs so I ordered a multi size pack. Kept the Med. & Large. Small & XL are left and unworn. These are the clear vented version. -found a home-
  7. J

    SOLD: Wetsuit & Accessories

    Patagonia R3 Split Toe booties - Men's 9 - SOLD Patagonia Yulex Insert-able Hood Medium - New - SOLD Patagonia Yulex R4 Round Toe Booties - Men's 9 - SOLD Very Lightly used Need essentials 5/4/3 Size: Men's MT -SOLD
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    SOLD: Single & Twin fins

    9" GL Flex (duplicate, never seen the water) - SOLD 10" Hydrophile "Night Goat" (new) - SOLD 10" PHD - SOLD True Ames - Lovelace Keels Futures(Clear) - SOLD
  9. J

    SOLD: Single fins

    9" Captain Fin Co. Alex Kopps Flex Fin (Clear) - Out of production SOLD 8.5" True Ames Lovelace Vbowls Fin (Clear) SOLD Both fins have been ridden and show very light signs of use. For sale or may consider trades for other single fins or twin sets.
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    Sold: Yucca Fins ML(9-10)

    I have a pair of Yucca fins in their original box. I have used them a few times, but they look like new & could use a new home. Standard Flex - Size ML Mens 9-10 Legend Teal/Blue colorway SOLD PS: I have been a long lurker around here but have made a few fin trades and done board deals with...