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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal) Looks pretty clean
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    FS: Thomas Bexon Bill Pin 9’10 - SOLD

    Got any other boards you are trying to offload? Lol
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    WTB 10’-10’6” Log (SoCal - San Diego)

    Yes - definitely! Could you DM details/pics?
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    WTB 10’-10’6” Log (SoCal - San Diego)

    Bump Hit me with your big guy logs that have some extra float!
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    SOLD: 10'2 Davenport Noserider

    Amazing board for a big dude! Would totally snap this up if I could find a board train going down to SD
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    WTB 10’-10’6” Log (SoCal - San Diego)

    Going more for nose riders and speed shapes. I’m a bigger dude so looking to add some more foam to my normal which is in the 9’8-9’10” range.
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    WTB 10’-10’6” Log (SoCal - San Diego)

    Apologies in advance for flooding the classifieds with another post looking for a board, but the usual suspects (OfferUp and CL) seem to have run dry. Looking for a longboard in the range above, hopefully from a shaper like Bing, Osprey, Tudor, etc. or someone similar. Generally go for a square...
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    Experiences with the higher end / expensive wetsuit brands

    Moonsuits are totally the way to go if you want a custom. Can’t recommend them enough, it’s night and day. Especially if you have a body type that doesn’t fit the standard sizes like me (super tall and lanky), it’s worth the money.
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    Trade feeler: Osprey Demon Pin

    Got a friend up there that could secure the board. What do you want for it?
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    Trade feeler: Osprey Demon Pin

    You still up in Oregon? I have a buddy in mind that is pretty interested, but we are down in San Diego. Cheers!
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    FT: 7’10 Osprey Frankenspud

    So sick! Any interest in a trade for a log, or only looking for mid lengths?
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    Christenson factory sale

    It was pretty mobbed, got there around 6:30 and was ~35th in line. Had a handful of low 9’ longboards that were pretty, around 1400 to 1500 before tax. Tempting but not convincing for something a tad too short for me. Almost everybody was interested in short boards. Still cool nonetheless to see...