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  1. zippy

    Fins FS

    Bahne repro - $75 Heritage 10” - $45 Lovelace 8.5” - $50 TA flex 9.25? - $40 SOLD FU 10” - $50 SOLD
  2. zippy

    Wetsuits hanging from the side mirror

    It’s convenient and if I’m going to work I don’t want the wetsuit to stew in my hot car. If I hang it near the spot I take it off I usually forget it. I’ve had to go back the next day and luckily find my suit still hanging where I left it.
  3. zippy

    Old roof racks FS

    For sale cheap in NJ
  4. zippy

    MTB Board - Help with History

    All I know is that I learned to surf on a 70s M.T.B. “S deck” - wish I still had it.
  5. zippy

    SOLD 10’ Anderson Flowmaster

    Board is sold Thanks everyone for the interest
  6. zippy

    SOLD 10’ Anderson Flowmaster

    Ooops sorry, $700
  7. zippy

    SOLD 10’ Anderson Flowmaster

    Selling in NJ area. Good condition 6/10 or 7/10. 8 1/2” ry_n lovl_ce fin included.
  8. zippy

    Longboard coverups

    Don’t think I made this one, 9’ Tyler mini Zeke in Ocean City NJ.
  9. zippy


    It is an old video. I have the DVD of that clip. John Peck is awesome. I forget the name of the movie but I think it was an Opper video.
  10. zippy

    Current ride/preferred car brand?

    2021 Honda Passport. 100 sq. ft. Of room with back seats down. Easily fits a 10’r with passenger seat down. Just ordered Jsport plateau racks for it so it can hold boards on top.
  11. zippy

    Album Townsend asymmetric (reg.) 7’6”

    Board is no longer for sale! Gonna try some different fins. Thanks @Judethedude and everyone for the help.
  12. zippy

    Album Townsend asymmetric (reg.) 7’6”

    Might keep it after reading these posts….
  13. zippy

    Hynson lam

    I have one also just picked up cheap. I was told it came out of Surfers Supplies shop in Ocean City NJ but I don’t really know. I’m in the process of making it watertight.
  14. zippy

    Album Townsend asymmetric (reg.) 7’6”

    Possibly trade for a single fin egg or something around 7’+
  15. zippy

    Album Townsend asymmetric (reg.) 7’6”

    Bought this new but can’t seem to click with it. Only rode it 4 times. Thick stringer. Located in NJ. 800 obo
  16. zippy

    SOLD -Early 60s 9’7” Hobie Log - FS in South Jersey

    Lots of wood and weighs in around 34-35 lbs. considering I rubbed two bars of wax on her. Low rocker. Good condition for its age. First $700 takes it. Can meet within reasonable distance. Board is waxed and ready to go.
  17. zippy

    How often do you check CL or offer up for interesting boards

    Way too often. Recently scored a 90s JIm Phillips in very good condition for $250. People were selling their house and cleaning out garage. Unfortunately this just fueled my addiction but if I stop now I have enough boards to last the rest of my life.
  18. zippy

    SOLD -10’ Anderson Flowmaster NJ

    Need to thin the quiver. Selling for what I paid. Includes fin pictured. No open dings. 7/10 cond. $600
  19. zippy


    Early 60s Hobie