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    FS: Mandala 5'7 Fish *New*

    $750 if you can grab it today/tomorrow!
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    Anybody surf a STPNK Gen ed?

    He’s back shaping
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    Craigslist Deals of The Week (SoCal)

    Would love that Wayne rich if any could get it down to SD!
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    Gap in my for mid-length

    I have a 7’2 bing collector that is a very versatile board. Grovels and surfs head high comfortably. Would consider selling if interested!
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    FS: Mandala 5'7 Fish *New*

    accepting offers on this beauty. would like to move it as soon as possible!
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    5'10 Hand-shaped Tyler Warren Performance Dream Fish

    How did I not see this thread inwould have snatched this up fast :(
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    Wtd Speed Dialers

    i have a set as well if that falls through
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    SOLD: Mike Slingerland gentleman's thruster

    dropping the price to $350!
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    FS: Mandala 5'7 Fish *New*

    Planning a wedding which is ridiculously expensive! Entertaining offers
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    9’2 Curve Surf armourdillo travel bag for sale- brand new

    these bags are great i have two. highly recommend.
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    SOLD: Mike Slingerland gentleman's thruster

    bump. can include fins in sale!
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    Anyone have experience buying from Surfer's Guild / Carlsbad CA?

    been curious as I've been curious as well. I might stop by this week actually
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    FS: Mandala 5'7 Fish *New*

    I picked this up from Manny on 9/23/2022. I've ridden it exactly two times. Absolutely mint 10/10 condition. 5'7 x 21 x 2.5 with Delta V glass ons. Paid $1200. Asking $850. Located in Cardiff, will drive within reason to meet up with a serious buyer.
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    Rainy season water quality in Nosara / Guiones continues to show major issues

    I’ve never been in browner water than El Salvador. My throat and lips went numb after each surf and I thought it was just me, but happened to everyone else in my group as well. Weird!
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    SOLD: Mike Slingerland gentleman's thruster

    I can, but not included in the current price. They cost me $105 and have been used twice. i can sell at a steep discount though :)